5 thoughts on “Michael Savage – Why All the Mystery Surrounding Barack Obama?

  1. I don’t even wanna know If I want to listen to this.

    • C’mon, Michael has a way with words and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Apparently, he isn’t worried about the FCC or the IRS like everyone else.

      • Okay….lol…I’ll put a “star’ beside it and come back a little later.
        I am trying to get this out to a huge amount of people. IF you want to use it as a different blog…keep it and we’ll discuss it at a different time.

        Wanna share this with you…you might want to use it.
        Blacks protesting against Obama

  2. I am going to bed… please feel free to email me if you don’t see a remark on her by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. I got YOUR back, lady!

  3. This illustrates how attempting to talk sense into a liberal is futile.

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