Secret Service Finds Booze And Prostitutes More Important Than Obama

Gateway Pundit

By: Andrea Ryan

It looks like the Secret Service thinks booze and prostitutes are more important than Obama.

An advance party providing foreign security detail for President Obama’s attendance at an international leaders’ summit in Cartagena, Columbia got busted screwing around on the job Friday.  A dozen agents were reprimanded and sent home for allegedly boozing and cavorting with the local prostitutes.  Several of them are married.

According to the Guardian,

US secret service agents sent to provide security for Barack Obama at a summit in Colombia have been sent home after allegations of heavy drinking and consorting with prostitutes.

Spokesman Edwin Donovan said the agents involved were relieved from duty and replaced with other agency personnel. “These personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security plan that has been prepared in advance of the president’s trip,” Donovan said on Friday night.

Donovan said the allegations of misconduct were related to activity before the president arrived in Cartagena on Friday afternoon.

The agents at the centre of the allegations had stayed at Cartagena’s Hotel Caribe. Several members of the White House staff and press corps were also staying at the hotel.

A hotel employee said the agents arrived at the beachfront hotel about a week ago and drank heavily during their stay. They were sent home on Thursday after they were admonished by a supervisor.

Jon Adler, the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, which represents secret service agents, told the Washington Post the accusations related to at least one agent having involvement with prostitutes in Cartagena.

Ronald Kessler, a former Post reporter and the author of a book about the secret service, told the paper that he had learned that 12 agents were involved, several of them married.

It seems parts of the government that have integrity don’t have integrity when Obama’s in charge.


11 thoughts on “Secret Service Finds Booze And Prostitutes More Important Than Obama

  1. Can you blame them? They are charged with guarding the most notorious,despicable,discusting and just down right disrespectful man to ever be in office! I believe I would in their positions prior to this have already found another assignment via request! Who wants to guard such a lowlife as he, Probably they are following suit from example via their charge himself!!!!

  2. Heck under the leftist charge this is not unusual! Remember under Carter he could not even pull off a desert operation without total failure due to equipment failure, Which after they cut their budgets to the point of nonoperational status it comes as no surprised! Gee! That makes me wonder if the seals of the bin laden operation death in the hellicopter attack was it our budget that they were murdered with ie one of our missiles or did obama let AlQueda pay for that one or were they reimbursed with US Tax money?

  3. LOL, Eliwhit, can you imagine working for that smuck? Last year a secret service man was given a “ticket” for driving drunk. These guys must hate like hell having to protect this man.
    I am NOT surprised a all…I am NOT saying that Prostitutes are a great idea or alcohol…but the stress, anger, confusion, I am very sure really pays a toll on their very souls…this was/is a way of coping.
    Found out several several weeks ago that Michelle was (is?) having an affair with one of them. Ewwwww

    • Hope the affair thing involves 2 coverage of protection and the significant others has the 2 bagger system in place! Your Post is great I am still laughing!

  4. Prostitutes and booze IMO are more important than protecting Osama errr… Obama. Would have been OK if he had a post birth Abortion. He is a supporter of abortions of all kinds. .

  5. boudicabpi: I likewise have wished for similar issues to this post, some of which I have been cautioned about by well meaning friends on line so I have to heed that advice and tone it down a bit! Also I admit that it was good advice as well!

  6. I’d be cautious about buying into this 100%. I know a few Federal Marshalls and Secrets Service agents- This is not typical in any shape or form. These are some of the most well trained, diligent, dedicated men on the planet. This COULD be a BS ploy for obumma to bring in NATO or something else.

  7. Very similar to divide and conquer Racist tactics! Race war martial Law?!

    • How about BS stories in the news to make people forget about the real issues. It’s all a game.

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