Power Grab for Natural Gas – New Executive Order


It was Friday the 13. If you are superstitious, then the new Executive Order issued yesterday,  “Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources” must give you pause.

Photo from KFYR-TV

The order states, “While natural gas production is carried out by private firms, and States are the primary regulators of onshore oil and gas activities, the Federal Government has an important role to play by regulating oil and gas activities on public and Indian trust lands, encouraging greater use of natural gas in transportation, supporting research and development aimed at improving the safety of natural gas development and transportation activities, and setting sensible, cost-effective public health and environmental standards to implement Federal law and augment State safeguards.”

Because natural gas produced 25 percent of our energy in 2011, the federal government must control this source of energy in order to deliver on the promise of making gasoline prices rise to $10 per gallon, bankrupt the coal industry, and cause energy prices to skyrocket.

An interagency working group is tasked to “facilitate coordinated Administration policy efforts to support safe and responsible unconventional domestic natural gas development.” This working group bureaucracy will be chaired by the Director of the Domestic Policy Council and has several curious members that have no direct involvement with natural gas production:

  • the Department of Defense
  • the Department of the Interior
  • the Department of Agriculture
  • the Department of Commerce
  • the Department of Health and Human Services
  • the Department of Transportation
  • the Department of Energy
  • the Department of Homeland Security
  • the Environmental Protection Agency
  • the Council on Environmental Quality
  • the Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • the Office of Management and Budget
  • the National Economic Council

The Chair may invite other agencies or offices to participate in the working group.  The working group will “support [read control] the safe and responsible production of domestic unconventional natural gas by performing the following functions: coordinate agency policy activities, share scientific, environmental, technical and economic information, coordination with federal government in long-term planning, and “consult with other agencies as appropriate.”

The White House Blog explains this new bureaucracy as a step in eliminating “redundancy.” What is there redundant about each state controlling and exploring their natural gas? The federal government is concerned, since natural gas volumetric exploration in 2011 was so large, it eclipsed the all-time high production record of 1973, it must “ensure that we can successfully tap this critical resource for decades to come, we must develop it safely and responsibly.” Translation, we must control it and reduce its production so that our air and water are safe according to the EPA dictates. This is interesting because natural gas is one of the cleanest sources of energy.

The White House Blog continues, “At the same time, as the administration develops a framework for safe and responsible production that builds on steps already taken by states across the country, we must ensure that those efforts continue to happen in a coordinated way.”

There we have it; we cannot let states continue business as usual. We must interfere and impose federal power and control over the states. We cannot let cheap natural gas interfere with our plan for expensive alternative sources of energy. Fossil fuels and fracking are tampering with our power grab plans.


12 thoughts on “Power Grab for Natural Gas – New Executive Order

  1. Reblogged this on Talon's Point and commented:
    The Executive Branch under the lordship of Barrack (sane?) Obama has bitten of another bite of state’s rights and commerce by using the term “public land” while he takes authority over yet another aspect of our economy. And of course the people sleep, ho hum

  2. You Get it for that is all the demoretards stand for is more Government control of all of us Slaves, While taxing the Hell out of the Slaves to pay themselves and these monster departments excessively high salaries while the lower and middle class that finance this crap struggle to survive! They want all of us subject to their elitness and begging for them to help! The present Federal Democrat controlled Government Sucks the big one, big time!

  3. Agenda 21…..Why doesn’t he just go ask his Saudi friends for more oil. My oops…their oil is almost depleted.

  4. Gotta arrest this crazy man! He’s a Communist! He’s destroying America! He’s not an American! He’s a puppet! He will destroy US if we do nothing!

  5. We know Congress will not do anything. They are either complicit or afraid. The media is just as corrupt as the government and so is the DOJ. As for the military, the higher ups do as they are told.

  6. I received an email today that we must ALL vote to Keep “Home Stead Exemptions…he is going to try to take people’s homes away from them too.
    Everyone…please pay close attention to this. You and/or your family could lose your home:

    Homestead exemption on ballot this year

    This affects every one of us that are still living in Texas. Get the word out and get out and vote.

    We HAVE to at least let people KNOW that this is ON the Ballot. PLEASE PASS IT ON.

    Early voting will take place April 30 – May 5 from 7 am to 7 pm; May 6 from noon to 6 pm and May 7 – May 8 from
    7 am to 7 pm. Election day is May 12 from 7 am to 7 pm.

    Very important for seniors and disabled. Remember to vote AND look for this on the ballot.
    You MUST vote in May to keep the Homestead tax cap for 65 and over, even if you are not 65 yet. If you are a Texashomeowner then this is important to YOU, no matter what your current age, or if you are disabled or not. It WILL BENEFIT YOU in the future. It is also very important to your relatives/friends who are in one of these groups already. If you agree, please pass along to all on your TEXAS Residents email lists.
    I am sending this email to everyone on my email address list who lives in Texas. I want to be certain you are aware of a constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot at the May election. It is an amendment to correct an error made by the lawmakers when they voted for a reduction in school property taxes in 2005.
    When the lawmakers voted for a one-third reduction in school property taxes beginning in 2006 and to be completed this year, they FORGOT about the HomesteadExemption for senior citizens (65 and older) and people with disabilities. The state constitution caps school property taxes for homeowners 65 years and older and those who are disabled.
    However, they DID NOT get the same reduction when the property tax cut for schools was voted on two years ago.
    So an amendment is on the May ballot to correct this error.
    The problem is that most voters who are younger than 65 or not disabled probably won’t even notice the amendment or care. At least not until THEY become 65 or disabled themselves and then if this doesn’t pass, it will be TOO LATE.
    PLEASE get out and vote for this amendment if not for yourself, then for your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. We would really appreciate your getting the word out to all your friends and families to VOTE FOR this Amendment.
    The fear is that with a low voter turnout, the amendment could very well not pass.
    So, please, please pass the word and VOTE FOR the Constitutional Amendment.
    Early voting will take place April 30 – May 5 from 7 am to 7 pm; May 6 from noon to 6 pm and May 7 – May 8 from
    7 am to 7 pm. Election day is May 12 from 7 am to 7 pm.

  7. This is getting out of hand! Federal Marshals – Arrest him now!

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