2 thoughts on “Evolution of an Obama Dictatorship: Nullifying Congress to Nullifying the Supreme Court

  1. While the Supreme Court is at it why don’t they Nullify obama or send to to Bethesda to have him neutered prior to Impeachment proceedings. To hell with that Impeachment is impossible! Jusst give him a trycycle like the picture shows and load the tanks up with live rounds Give him a 10 foot head start and Fire at the whining Treasonist bastard!
    Hitlers power recognition was Zieg Heil! obama’s praise from Americans (Not traitors) Patriots shoud be Go! To! Hell!

  2. The “Law” was not duly constituted or passed. It was bribed and lied and forced into being by Obumma and his crooked Moronic Deocrap following. The massive spending bills that were passed when he “Took Office” was just payback for those who got him there. The Supreme Court- THE HIGHEST forum of law in our country- needs to declare Obumma Care Un-Constitutional because it is. Plain & simple. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

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