Justice for Trayvon, No Justice for Agents Terry and Zapata

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People  Magazine has an angelic-looking Trayvon Martin on its cover this week with  the headline “An American Tragedy.”  I agree.  Whenever a mother loses  a child, it’s a tragedy.

So  I searched People‘s archives for cover photos of slain Border Patrol  Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata.  Both died in service of  their country, both killings involved questionable circumstances, and both Mrs.  Zapata and Mrs. Terry are still waiting for answers a year  later.

Despite  the volatile and controversial circumstances surrounding the slayings of Terry  and Zapata, my search turned up zero cover stories at People.   None.

Even  worse, while I perused the magazine’s old online articles, the evening news was  on in the background.  Al Sharpton was speaking from Sanford, Florida,  where 17-year-old Trayvon Martin died in February.  Thousands of protesters  with signs that read “Justice for Trayvon” gathered to hear Sharpton condemn  officials for the lack of information regarding the shooting.

Jesse  Jackson, who also attended, said “there is a meanness in our country  today.”

NAACP  president Ben Jealous, who organized the march, shouted that “we’re here to save  our sons.”

Bernard  Simelton, president of the Alabama state conference of the NAACP, said things happen like this in Alabama, too, where  people get killed and the “police just sweep it under the rug. It just touches  everyone.”

How  moving.  Too bad Mr. and Mrs. Zapata, whose son could have been saved if  not for the cover-up of a dangerous gun-trafficking operation, can’t get any  information.  It’s been only one month for Martin; it’s been over a  year for the Zapatas.

As  a mother, I would want my sons to look and act like Terry and Zapata.  By  all accounts they were stellar examples of American exceptionalism.  ICE  director John Morton, who spoke at Jaime’s funeral in February 2011, said it best.

Mr.  and Mrs. Zapata your son represents the best of America – he is why we are a  great country.

The  men who shot into his car are empty and without souls. They could live a  thousand years but would still amount to nothing, nothing compared to  Jaime.

Jaime  died on February 15, 2011 in Mexico, many miles away from his loved ones.   The guns found at the murder scene were later traced to a federally sanctioned  gun-walking program.  Government higher-ups allowed guns to walk  untraced straight into the hands of killer drug cartels.  So far, the  Department of Justice has not held anyone accountable.

Agent  Brian Terry died on December 14, 2010 in a remote area of Peck Canyon  in Arizona.  He was shot in the lower back and mortally wounded.  The  guns found at the scene were linked to Operation Fast and Furious — to date,  the Department of Justice has held no higher-ups accountable.  Brian left  behind a devoted, heartbroken family.

Brian  had such a charisma about him. He could walk into a room and his stature and  confidence took over. His family and friends found him to be very witty and  funny. He had a way about him that inspired and motivated those around him to do  better and be better. Brian was never in competition with anyone except himself.  He pushed himself to be the best he could be. He helped those that didn’t  believe in themselves and would say that if you just put the work in nothing is  impossible.

Mary  Zapata says every day and every night she thinks about what her son went through  in his last moments.  She said having answers to her many questions would  help the healing process, but the same government officials who ran Project  Gunwalker refuse to give the family any information.  There are no marches,  no organized rallies, and no collective outcry for justice for  Jaime.

Mr.  and Mrs. Terry have also had to deal with the Fast and Furious cover-up since  their beloved Brian died over a year ago.  Last week Politico reported the Terry family was “sickened” to hear that law enforcement agencies were not sharing  information back in 2010 — information that could have led to the end of Fast  and Furious before the murder of their son and countless  others.

These  mothers are fighting an uphill battle against the in-your-face “meanness” of Attorney General Eric Holder as well as a  deafening silence from the mainstream media.  Trayvon Martin’s mother has  garnered national headlines, trademarked her son’s name, and met with government  officials.

Yet  Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Zapata seem to have little interest in using their sons  to create a national crisis. But they do want to know who at the top is  responsible for the deadly operation that led to the murders of Brian and  Jaime.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/post.html#ixzz1qwcATlAJ

4 thoughts on “Justice for Trayvon, No Justice for Agents Terry and Zapata

  1. It appears that People magazine selected to use a photo of Trayvon when he was much younger–perhaps as young as 11 or 12 years old. That itself is quite revealing of the rampant media bias surrounding this incident. Meanwhile Mr. Zimmerman has already been tried and convicted by a specious media coterie as thoroughly biased as the New Black Panther Party.

    Imagine what the criminal Eric Holder would do if a radical white power group were to put a bounty on a black man, wanted dead or alive.

  2. That is a good Idea and the Wanted dead or alive poster should be on eric holder who was the perpetrator of and the conspirator that cost the lives of Terry Blair and Jaime Zapata! He and obama could very easily be convicted for conspiracy in this case and it should have already been underway some time ago!!!!! This picture of innocence on the people rag really makes me sick! Sorry I stopped feeling sorry for trayvons mom and dad some time ago when they showed their true colors and it is GREEN! They intend to ride this one to the bank! Check out the next time in the future when you hear about them and see them in brand new cars wearing new clothes while grieving mom is declaring that his integrity and his reputation have been run down bye the Racist hate mongers.
    But I disagree and state that it is the family and the al sharpton and the jesse jackson and the blackie pussies that are the ones that have perposed and vained his death and thus his reputation. Check out the teeth of gold from the former today’s pictoral and you will agree that the peoples rag sucks. Haven’t bought one in my 64 years and am not starting now! I do not honor the dishonorable by giving my money to uphold their illecit lifestyles as featured! No apologies here trayvon martin was and is a Thug, Criminal an the only shame is that he died prior to getting to serve time in a Florida Prison and he was headed straight to this in his future! Let them rant and rave for if his Attorney is worth his weight he will take him elsewhere to get a fair trial if it comes to that< I am betting on the integrity of the Grand Jury doing their job and recommending against trial! If however, it goes to trial then he will be tried elsewhere in an unknown area many moons later. Scott is not itching for a riot in Florida but I hear rumbling that they are prepared for it and look out black pussies militant organization you may be classified as a group of Terrorist since you are the mainparties behind all he hype along with the obama and his administration!

  3. sorry dropped a letter now and then toward the end!

  4. This whole affair is being used bye obama and his bunch of lackies (boot licking ass kissers) to start a racially motivated civil unrest action (RIOT). But if they do get their desire in Sanford, I am betting on more blood on one side than the other will be shed and I bet that jackson and sharpton will not be within 50 miles of the action when it goes down! Who was that black pussie leader ninja or some dumb fat black hate mongering muslim. This kid has never hit a towel with his ass in the air to the west in his life. So why are the muslim black panty waste sticking their 2 cents woth in for but to start trouble! I am not following it that closely but I have not heard how the Saturday march went! I will check it out later!

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