Will Obama Defy Supreme Court If ObamaCare Is Ruled Unconstitutional?

Western Journalism

For 2 years, champions of ObamaCare have been careful to lay out the advantages of their federal dictatorship before handpicked audiences of organized labor and supportive media transcriptionists, at events where applause lines have been rehearsed and questions carefully pre-approved.

As a result, the Regime had little idea that anyone of importance might actually disapprove of their 3,000 page effort to separate Americans from their liberty.

So, much of the left entered the 3 day, oral argument phase of ObamaCare before the Supreme Court with the same arrogant exuberance which accompanied the passage of the law. After all, as they saw it, only the ruling of a couple of rogue jurists on the 11th Circuit had placed the left’s dream legislation in front of the 9 DC Justices anyhow. And as liberal CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin put it in 2010, challenges against the law were STILL unlikely to succeed, even before the Supremes.

But apparently, no one warned liberals like Toobin that arguing on behalf of an unprecedented assault on freedom before honest Supreme Court justices might result in a glitch or two in the left’s plans.

And that glitch has now been described as a “trainwreck” as Toobin and other ObamaCare cheerleaders mourn the reportedly disastrous Tuesday and Wednesday sessions before the Court.

For each of the conservative Justices brought up the same question in his own way: “What is the limiting factor in the law?” That is, if the Federal Government has the power to force the American people to buy insurance, what can it NOT force them to buy? What can it NOT force them to do?

The answer is NOTHING! For ObamaCare was never about health insurance. It’s about POWER. Healthcare was chosen simply as the most effective means of implementing and controlling it.

With congressional super-majorities and a Manchurian Candidate in the White House, the radical left was at last in position to affect the most audacious and comprehensive power grab in the nation’s history. And make no mistake, these people will not let it go easily.

Should the Court find the mandate unconstitutional and perhaps take down the entirety of ObamaCare, an assault will be launched against the voting justices, the legitimacy of their ruling, and the credibility of the Court itself. Obama’s media advocates will claim the usual victim classes of women and minorities to have once again been oppressed by the Right.

And Obama himself will pledge to fight the Supreme Court ruling for the good of the people always most sorely abused by the politics of the Right—blacks! Claims of genocide and racism will be repeated by the White House and Democrats in Congress. And their media “echo chamber” will make certain that the phony message is received across the nation.

In short, a correct and necessary ruling by the Supreme Court will be shamelessly utilized for the same hypocritical purpose as the death of Trayvon Martin—the motivation of black voters for the November election.

And should Obama win in November, he will continue the assault on the ruling, hoping to force the notoriously weak-kneed Republican leadership into revamping the law just enough to pass Constitutional muster. The American people will remain the slaves of deliberately thuggish legislation.

Of course, should the election go to Willard, Americans will have nothing to fear. After all, he would NEVER institute a mandatory healthcare scheme now, would he?!


7 thoughts on “Will Obama Defy Supreme Court If ObamaCare Is Ruled Unconstitutional?

  1. The “King” is a devout Marxist and will do as he pleases.

    He doesn’t acknowledge the U.S. Constitution so why would he comply with a Supreme Court ruling?

    • I thought the same thing, the only difference is that the states wouldn’t stand by and do nothing…………..well some of them.

  2. It is very possible that he will. The man, for the most part, has made himself “Dictator-In-chief.”

    • That he has and no one has said a word.

      • They can’t say anything. This man is very dangerous and will murder anyone who gets in his way.
        I know all politicians get caught up in their own gains financially as well as politically; however! I hardly think they set out to betray their own constituents and country. Case in point: Breitbart…
        Also, Google His Death List. He has about caught up with Bill and Hillary.

  3. upaces88
    There was a story that was posted some time back about the guy who looked at the passport records of Obama, Hillary, & McCain. Apperently he found something but never lived to tell about it. He was killed after attending church. There was also the guy from the same church that Obama went to who said he did drugs and stuff with Obama. He was found dead also. Members of Seal Team Six. The list goes on and on, but no one says a word.

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