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  1. How could they? He died years and years ago.

    • Not according to Barry.

      • Would you like 55 “public reasons and facts why he should be impeached due to all of his lies?
        If you want the entire story about Bin Laden, Google Him….
        It is all there.
        Guess Obama thinks we are too stupid to know how to Google. Plus, this was an “old” story….

      • I don’t trust Google but impeaching Barry would be too good for him.

      • Unfortunately, he will NEVER be impeached.
        It won’t go down like that.

        P.S. when you want to find something, what search engine do you use?

      • Yahoo but it really doesn’t matter because DHS, NSA and all the others keep a close eye on us all.

  2. I know nothing, I am not here – I did not even get up this morning!
    Imbeciles all of them!!!

  3. I was raised and worked around the Marines, Air Force and Naval facilities and personnel for the better part of 37 years…It’s nothing for covert actions to be buried deep and to never be found or come to the surface…But, not this one, it seems that Obama would have done a break dance over his Poppa’s “Frank Marshall Davis” grave to prove to his dear old dad that he is da man! Something really does stink here, and it’s the dying truth!

    • My Dad was in the Army for 23 years and he never talked about what he did. Even after over 60 years, they still say it was a Weather Balloon in Roswell.

      • 1dragon….

        My hubby was in the Army for over 19 years. We met a few years after he got out….he still doesn’t say much about his job! He says that it’s on a need to know basis or that if he told me ; he’d have to kill me!……

        I’m not dying of curiosity!! LOL!

      • Sounds like you’re a smart lady.

      • I have no clue why he thinks we are so damn stupid. We have him figured out.

      • 1dragon

        Thank you! LOL!

      • @upaces…

        LOL! That’s cuz we use our brains…he don’t! He is just a puppet of the Saudi’s and is not allowed to use his one working brain cell.

        I had that joker figured out before he was elected President! The first time I saw him in the debates for Dem’s Nominee….heard him speak and saw his ugly mutt face and the hair stood up on my neck! My first thought was….”OMG..the USA is going to have the anti-Christ as their President. He is bad news!”….then I thought that the American people would see right through him and he wouldn’t stand a snowball’s hope in Hades to become President. I underestimated the Liberal/Progressive indoctrination techniques and propaganda taught to young people in the Education ( indoctrination) facilities in North America. My first instinctive reaction was correct.

      • @ Redneck Woman…I will never understand why anyone would take the word of Obama on ANYTHING AT ALL.

        @ 1dragon…the truth is ALWAYS out there — we sometimes have to look under rocks (Google Archives, etc.).
        If not…go to the UK news sites; Canadian Free Press site in their archives.
        When the truth is ugly… it rots and begins to smell… we ALWAYS find out. Sometimes it is too late; but we do find it.

    • Lots of secret operations aren’t able to be easily found. Though on this story…lots of things have been covered-up, not just hidden from view.

      It wasn’t bin laden. The helicopter that crashed at the compound was tampered with before take off….it was suppose to go down over the desert on it’s way back with the poor smucks body and the SEALs who would have by then known it wasn’t bin laden! The original story has so many holes in it it looks like swiss chees and smells of Limburgher!

      Obi won’t deviate from the original story cuz it would show how desperate he was to take the heat off his fake BC!! How stupid he believes all Americans are!

  4. yes he did 2002 bumma and panetta may have got someone but it was not bin laden

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