Mothers Against Illegal Aliens/Amnesty: Congress is Guilty

ObamaRelease YourRecords

DallacroceVIDEO: Congress of the United States and the Media along with the Courts are THE BIRTHERS! They are Birthing a New Nation by their silence and Michelle Dallacroce is exposing the truth in her tell it like it is style!!!

Good evening folks. The attached video was put together by myself and Michelle Dallacroce – who is the President and founder of Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty (
The purpose is to establish that the issues surrounding Obama’s Article II, Section I, Clause V eligibility are so serious that it constitutes a constitutional crisis that makes Watergate look like a parking ticket.
With the evidence already gathered and examined by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse, officially constituted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, there can be absolutely no doubt that Obama’s Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card are both forgeries and bad ones at that. And believe me when I say….this is just the tip of the iceberg.
These are historic times. The message to the media, the “so-called” guardians of the people, is that should anyone provide national coverage of the investigation, they will be subject to an FCC investigation and could very well be fined, lose their jobs or be subject to other sanctions. This too was discovered by the Cold Case Posse during its 6 month investigation….and the fact that there seems to be a blackout on a majority of the media outlets, is more than coincidental.
For any american citizen who has studied american history, Civics or Social Studies, there is absolutely no question that in order to seek the office of the president or vice president, you must be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN – born of parent(s) who are both citizens of the USA by birth or by naturalization – PRIOR to your own birth. Obama does not meet that requirement as his father was never a U.S. citizen and his mother, although born in the State of Kansas, was not, under the laws at the time of Obama’s birth, old enough to convey citizenship upon him. Even if this were not the case, Obama, due to his fathers British citizenship would be ineligible.
This is not a democrat issue. Today, it would also apply to both U.S. Senator – Marco Rubio of Florida and Governor Bobby Jindel of Louisiana – both of whom are Republicans….even though they too were born in the USA, both of their parents were legal Alien Residents, having been born in Cuba and India, respectively.
The only issue here, therefore, is Obama. The only Constitutional crisis that exists is that he is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN and that the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Bill and Hillary clinton, the DNC, the RNC, the Congress, the courts and the elite members of the media, and perhaps more…..ALL KNEW THAT OBAMA WAS NOT AN ARTICLE II, SECTION I, CLAUSE V candidate. This is the travesty that has been visited upon us by the very people that we elected to represent us and this is the Constitutional challenge that WE THE PEOPLE must resolve to our satisfaction and to the explicit satisfaction of our CONSTITUTION.
Should we fail to restore the Rule of Law in this instance and at this time in our nations history, then we will have shamed every SOLDIER, SAILOR, MARINE, AIRMAN, COAST GUARDSMAN and citizen who forfeited his or her life, limb and fortune to ensure that we would remain and continue to be a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, the only nation that guarantee’s freedom and liberty for those who honestly seek it.
We cannot surrender these unalienable rights, nor can we allow our elected representatives to diminish our Republic. For the sake of all of our posterity, it is our duty to do whatever is required by any/all means necessary to save this nation and to ensure that the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the important ingredient in our children’s future.
We have all said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem and learned that it is in GOD WE TRUST – knowing that in the most difficult of times, and this is one of those times, WE must come together as a people in order to preserve, protect and defend our nation that is now under siege.
I ask you all to open the above attachment and read the American’s Creed….and then open the video and try to understand the “rage” that is felt by many via Michelle and myself.
God Bless America.

Congress are the BIRTHERS
Mothers Against Illegal Amnesty

As derogatory as it would be to use the “N” word to describe a black person, or the “C” word to describe a woman, the word “Birther” has been licensed by the media and the political elite as a stamp of approval coined to “discredit” and “diminish” the concerns of the American people who have the right to exercise their own judgment and ask an honest question that begs for and demands a truthful answer from Obama, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi and the government which is obligated by the Constitution to answer to the people.
The word BIRTHER is as repugnant, if not more so, than the examples referenced above, as the term more than just disparages the very real concerns of more than half the country. It gives a collective middle finger to the people of the United States of America who have a right to ask the question with the expectation that an honest and truthful answer will be given in return!
This “So Called Government” which we have, and I coin that phrase particularly as the Main Stream Media has coined the phrase the “So Called Cold Case Posse” in reference to the professional investigation of the The Cold Case Posse led by Michael Zullo of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.



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