Obama’s Boys Night Out With Cameron Cost Taxpayers Minimum $365K…

Weasel Zippers

Always finding new ways to piss away our money.

DAYTON, Ohio — President Obama came to see March Madness, but he also got lobbied by Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio on developing natural gas in the state.

Mr. Obama flew here on Air Force One Tuesday with British Prime Minister David Cameron to watch a first-round NCAA men’s game between Western Kentucky University and Mississippi Valley State. They were joined by Mr. Kasich and sat in the student section behind one of the baskets at the University of Dayton arena. […]

The president ate a hot dog at the game, chatted with students and appeared to be explaining the finer points of basketball to Mr. Cameron.

At a cost of roughly $180,000 per hour to operate Air Force One, the trip cost taxpayers at least $365,000, not including the staff costs and other expenses.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Boys Night Out With Cameron Cost Taxpayers Minimum $365K…

  1. All that doesn’t matter. As far as he, Michelle and the kids are concerned it’s free. He’s the prez, he can do what he wants. Right??

  2. Right! This all fits in with his intent and purpose for America. Spend her in the ground per slob soros! quote soros” come with me boy! and I will teach you how to destroy a Nation and you can live like a king off other peoples money, And you should already be good at that since you have been doing thus!”

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