Useful Idiot Jimmy Carter: The Muslim Brotherhood “Promised Me” They Would Honor Peace Treaty With Israel…

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Shockingly, he believes them despite their numerous public threats to cast it aside.

Via Washington Examiner:

In the face of warnings by the Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to tear up the Arab nation’s peace treaty with Israel if U.S. aid is cut, former President Jimmy Carter, the chief negotiator of the 1978 deal, says he trusts the Islamists to do the right thing no matter what. The reason: because they told him so. […]

On Thursday, Carter was interviewed by John McCaslin, co-host of America’s Morning News. Asked McCaslin: “Last year the world watched the Arab Spring descend on Egypt to ouster President Mubarak, and now Islamist parties control 74 percent of the seats in the Egyptian parliament, of which the Muslim Brotherhood, now Egypt’s new power brokers, got 47 percent. Do you now see Egypt moving away from the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty that you helped broker after the 1978 Camp David Accords?”

Carter, still very active in his Carter Center that promotes democracy and human rights, said no, and noted that he has met with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. “They assured me personally and they have made public statements accordingly that they will honor the peace treaty that I helped negotiate in 1979. They know its very important to Egypt to maintain peace with Israel and I don’t have any doubt that they will carry out their promise to me.”

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US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

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Unimaginable Treason at the Highest Levels of US Governance.

by Tony Cartalucci March 9, 2012 –

In an unbelievable act of high treason and overt criminality, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has finalized arrangements to move the US State Department-listed foreign terror organization, Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), into the former US military base “Camp Liberty’ in Iraq.
Effectively turning the camp into a living monument of desecration to the memories of 6,000+ LinkUS troops killed over the last 10 years of the fraudulent “War on Terror,” the US State Department is also appropriating US taxpayers’ money to make upgrades to the camp to accommodate the terrorist organization. In Foreign Policy Magazine’s article, “Are the MEK’s U.S. friends its worst enemies?,” it is indicated that up to 3,000 terrorists are expected to move into the new site with the first two convoys already arriving at the camp over the last month.

Image: Rudy Giuliani consorting with MEK’s political wing leader Maryam Rajavi in Paris, France. Giuliani is best known for his role playing a strong supporter for the “War on Terror” and his incessant fear mongering verses “Islamic extremists.” In real life, he coddles listed terrorist organizations in direct violation of US law and even lobbies for them.

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