Ten Indications That Obama Is Scared

American Thinker

Obama  is not the cool, calm, and collected guy that he portrays publicly; he’s far  from it.  Obama is described privately as a thin-skinned hot-head when it  comes to questioning his policies, or anything else, for that  matter.

Though  there has been a slight shift upward in Obama’s poll numbers, Obama knows the  real temperature of the American people.  Here are 10 indicators as to why  Obama will have sleepless nights leading up to the election of  2012:

  1. Obama  started African Americans for Obama.  When blacks supposedly voted at 95  percent for Obama in the last election, one has to question his motives in  starting this group.  The answer is that Obama’s poll numbers among blacks  have fallen back to their lowest point, a clear sign that Obama is feeling the  pressure.  If Obama loses his street cred amongst blacks, he will likely be  abandoned by other groups. Obama must have the “race” element in 2012, even  though the black vote will be much less significant in 2012.  By the way,  how would the media have covered “White Americans for  McCain?”
  2. Obama  started a Spanish-language website.  Now, most people would call this  clever; however, this move could backfire and is a pure sign that Obama knows he  is in trouble.  A country that requires you to know English should not have  a sitting president with a Spanish-language website.  It would seem to be  pandering to the massive non-English-speaking population of Latinos.  Obama  has not chosen to pander to any other potential immigrant voting bloc, which  could have many Africans up in arms.  Why not develop a website in Swahili  or Bantu?  Asians, Jews, and many other ethnic groups might wonder what  Obama’s obsession is with blacks and Latinos, while forsaking them.  This  could lead to the logic that the president is supposed to be the president of all Americans.
  3. Obama’s  energy policy is pure comedy.  When Obama took office, gasoline averaged  $1.89.  Gasoline is now at its highest point in history, averaging $3.65 a  gallon — and it’s getting higher.  When gas crested at $3 a gallon under  Bush, Democrats were quick to put Bush in cahoots with the oil companies.   Obama and other Democrats are blaming Wall Street, offering that high gas prices  are “bringing families closer together” or that high gas prices are “saving  lives.”  Nice try.  The problem with gas prices is that they affect  the lower end of the food chain the most.  Poor people have to plan trips  to the supermarket or buy gas in parts of a gallon.  “I’ll have ½ a  gallon.”  Obama touts green energy, but he has not had a single successful  example where his policy has worked, and despite the Truth Teams, Obama has  wasted billions on “green” energy while people are suffering from a lack of  “black” energy — oil and coal.
  4. Obama  now supports super-PACs.  Aside from the multitude of flip-flops or blatant  “untruths,” Obama has now decided that for the good of the country, he must  embrace the idea of “buying his next election.”  I suggest that Obama has  forgotten that he bought his first election, and that took everything he had,  despite a weakening economy, hatred of Bush, and a less than stellar Republican  candidate.  Obama vowed to raise $1B in order to fight the right, and his  newfound support of super-PACs only proves that he’s panicked about raising  money and about what he will have to spend to put the genie — his record —  back in the bottle.
  5. Obama  has feigned shifting right.  When a bona fide socialist begins talk of  shifting right, you know he’s panicked.  Obama no more believes in the  private-sector solutions for the economy than he believes that Rosie O’Donnell  would skip a meal.  Yet he is suddenly offering to cut business taxes.  Welcome to Panderville.  Many of  Obama’s panic moves will showcase the complete hypocrisy of what he campaigned  on or truly believes, and how far he is willing to go to remain in  power.
  6. Obama  began the Truth Teams, dismantling Attack Watch.  Renaming Attack Watch is  like renaming the Department of War the Defense Department.  Attack Watch  was a dismal failure, because the truth is not an attack.  Renaming Attack  Watch “Truth Team” now allows Obama to stamp out the truth wherever it may  occur.  Obama is deathly afraid of the unvarnished truth.  The Truth  Team’s assignment is to varnish it.  So now Obama was for Keystone  XL and the 20,000 jobs that it didn’t create.  High gas prices are good for  the economy in the form of higher revenues and more lives saved, due to less  driving.  Welfare is good for the economy, actually generating $1.85 return  for every $1 spent.  That’s the truth, and they’re sticking with  it.
  7. Obama  is changing his slogan.  Realizing that “Yes We Can” has turned into “Well,  I Thought We Could,” and that “hope and change” now applies to getting rid of  him, Obama must adjust his catchphrases.  Obama’s handlers are testing  various new sayings, but the bad news is that nothing is sticking.  The new  phrases being tested are “Winning the Future,” “Greater Together,” and “We Don’t  Quit,” and Obama has begun lacing these in his speeches, but none are  resonating, which is why Obama is panicking.
  8. Obama’s  foreign policy strategy is in shambles.  Generally when a president has  such a weak domestic agenda, he may be able to recover based on decent foreign  policy.  This is not the case with Obama.  Obama’s foreign policy has  made America weak and the laughingstock of the world.  It was said when  Obama was elected that the world would love us, which has proven simply not the  case.  Obama has revealed himself to be much worse than Bush in foreign  policy, and he has created havoc all over North Africa and the Middle  East.  China and Russia are positioning to remove the dollar as the  international monetary standard, which would devastate the U.S. economy.   Their recent decision not to support the U.S. in the U.N. with respect to Syria  proves that the Obama administration is not taken seriously.  Foreign  policy will be a huge influence on Obama’s re-election chances, which is why he  will try about anything to shore things up before  November.
  9. Obama  is talking tough.  As the saying goes, the shallower the stream, the louder  the babble.  Most people recognize that the bigmouth at the bar is far from  the toughest, yet Obama all but guaranteed that he will serve “five more years”  while on a Spanish-language radio program.  It is difficult to balance  tough talk with “It’s Bush’s fault.”  Further, Obama’s constant and  incessant apologies (and bowing) don’t jibe with the tough talk.  Again,  this is a strategy that will likely backfire for Obama, as most people have  begun to realize that the tough talker is generally weak, and Obama is no  exception.
  10. There  is no real improvement in any sector in America.  Obama’s biggest problem  is that the economy is being held together with paperclips and Band-Aids.   The fragile nature of things does not bode well, so even the slightest uptick in  inflation will wreak havoc on the deficit.  The prospect for jobs will not  improve between now and the election, so the media is the only potential  distraction from real unemployment north of 15 percent.  Another budget  crisis is looming, and most of Obama’s policies are under attack in multiple  states.

Obama  has much to be concerned about, despite being “The Money-Giver” to the  poor.  Americans have reached the end, and words just won’t cut it.   Further, Americans have tired of style and want substance.  I believe that  the new bumper stickers might be “You Had Your Chance!”

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/03/ten_indications_that_obama_is_scared.html#ixzz1nvHJDL8d

2 thoughts on “Ten Indications That Obama Is Scared

  1. After old Joe and his Cold Case Posse’s press conference today where they said outright that the White House realeased Birth Certificate and the Kenyan’s Selective Service card were both fake I bet he is still awake wondering about his future right now! Nixon’s WaterGate wil look like a parking ticket compared to ObamaGate!

  2. The only thing I’m worried about is his level of desperation and just how far he is willing to go in order to stay in power. So far, through his massively failed foriegn policies, the Middle East has become a ticking time bomb, worse than it ever has been. Add to the situation that his own administration sold out Israel, and the recipe for doom is there. If he uses the power he has, and makes things worse, he could use the whole situation as justification to establish Martial Law. If that happens, no elections this year, and he will have set himself up as America’s Dicktator. I really hope and pray this doesn’t happen, but I wouldn’t put it past him, or underestimate his desire to stay in power- no matter what! If it happens, then we will have no choice but to prepare for two things- our second civil war, and possible invasion from a foriegn country. Maybe both.

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