The Religion of Peace™


The Religion of Peace™ is on another murderous rampage, slaughtering over two dozen random people so far, including four Americans. The justification? Some Korans, the Muslim’s so-called “holy book” were inadvertently burned at a NATO base in Kabul. The general in command immediately and grovelingly apologized. And of course, so did apostate Muslim, Barrack Hussein Obama-Soetoro.

The Groveler-in-Chief did what he does best: bowed and scraped before the 7th century savages of Afghanistan, begging forgiveness while humiliating America before the Muslim world. However, t’would seem that the Muslim world cares little what this fool has to say, and went about indulging in their favorite pastime. Seems that Obama-Soetoro “deeply regretting” is not enough for the mindless Muslim masses to refrain from mass murder.

It should disturb the heck out of Americans that this is the “official” reaction to the murder of Americans by Islamic jihadist fanatics. Seen in conjunction with worldwide murderous attacks on Christians by Muslims it should be obvious that jihad is not a “struggle to excel” or “an individual’s striving for spiritual self-perfection,” nor is it aimed solely at Jews. It is part and parcel of Islam, as written in the Koran and subsequent writings that expanded on the original “revelations.” And it is proselytization by force of arms, spreading Islam, The Religion of Peace™, by killing or enslaving all non-believers who refuse to convert.

If you were to go out on the street, here or in Europe, it’s unlikely that you would find anyone under the age of 50 who could tell you who Charles Martel was. This should not be a surprise, given the revision of history by the left to erase the memory of the heroes of Christianity and Western Civilization, and Martel was one of the greatest of these.

In 732, an army of 80,000 followers of The Religion of Peace™ marched out of the Iberian Peninsula, intent on overrunning the rest of Europe, and slaughtering or enslaving all who would not submit to the will of their god, Allah. Charles Martel, also known as Charles the Hammer, grandfather of Charlemagne the Great, with an army of only 30,000 foot soldiers (the jihadist army had masses of cavalry) routed them at the Battle of Tours, and by 736, had driven all the jihadists out of the kingdom of the Franks. Brings to mind the Six Day War.

Jihad has a long, bloody history, in India and Pakistan against the Hindus

Jihad has a long, bloody history, in India and Pakistan against the Hindus, for example, and in Africa against Christians, Jews, and animists. However, let’s not overlook Iran, its “nuclear program,” and its incessant threats to wipe Israel and America off the face of the Earth. Interestingly, though, Islam’s military successes have been very limited, except against the impoverished, ill-equipped peoples who today comprise much of the Third World. Coincidence?

In the West, and here in America, we have witnessed a growing string of incidents of violence and murder by adherents of The Religion of Peace™ (Here; and here). Violence and abuse always lurk in the background of their treatment of women. And still the left bends over backwards to excuse this savagery and to make Islam out as something oh-so-superior to Christianity. In this, the left is carrying on the tradition it started with the largely Communist IRA, the Irish Republican Army, who were quite willing to overlook the evil of Nazism, and supported Hitler in hopes he would defeat the British.

The American left arrogantly and/or naïvely believes that supporting radical Islam will hasten the collapse of the free, capitalist West. What these unmitigated morons fail to understand is that everything they believe in is antithetical to Islam, and that once the battle is over, they will be the first to be enslaved or beheaded. I find it mind-boggling and absolutely incredible that these delusional fools think atheism, unrestricted sex, homosexuality, drugs, rock ‘n roll, and women’s lib are things even marginally acceptable to The Religion of Peace™. When jihadists hysterically chant “Death to America!”, this is a large part of the America they are referring to.

In view of all this, in the upcoming elections for the House and the Senate, we need to look for men and women who are not afraid to stand up for the supremacy of our Judeo-Christian traditions and Constitution over foreign ones, and believe that religious law, especially Isalmic Shariah, has no place in America. Shariah is the legal codification and justification for the violence and oppression described above. To allow it to gain even a toe-hold in America is an insult to every living citizen, and to all those who have given their lives over our 230+ years of history as a free nation, defending that freedom and the traditions and institutions that made it possible. This is a lesson that Barrack Hussein Obama-Soetoro and his willfully ignorant followers sorely need to be taught.


7 thoughts on “The Religion of Peace™

  1. Go out and BUY your own Koran, Bible, Flag (of your choice), It is yours and you can do whatever YOU want to do with it! As long as you are not in a no burn zone, burn it. It is your property. No one can tell you what to do with your property. Buy a symbol of your choice, set up your camera, light it up, and put the video on You Tube! This is still America and We The People are still FREE! At least for this moment.

  2. Bash Christians, kill us, burn our Bible, insult and enslave us. We forgive and try to love you. BUT- offend a muslim and it’s as if all hell just broke loose. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If muslims can’t take it, then don’t dish it out. Also, if your in America, and you don’t like it- GET THE FU*K OUT!!!!!!!! None of us asked you to come here in the first place. On a lighter note, if I catch a muslim planning an attack or in the process of one, you can bet your ass I’m going to drop you where you stand- no questions- no hesitations. Your messing with me, my family, and the country God BLESSED ME to be born in. Watch your ass!

  3. Remember, the NDAA declared the United States a battle ground. So if the muslims step out of line here, D will be justified in dropping them where they stand–the battlefield.

  4. I am collectin qurans for a Bonfire and planning to cook a few pigs buried under the fire the ole fashioned oven technique! I figure the Pig can be done in half the time of normal wood use! That is because since the quran is the works and the words of the true Satan those books should really burn hot as Hell fire itself! I just do not want to ruin a good pig with to many of the qurans and am burning some to determine how many will be needed for the cookout! Fuck you asshole muslim bastards come on I got a little somthin for all of you that would like to come to the cookout and threaten my life! Lowlife Sons of Bitches!

  5. Muhammad and Allah suck syphlitic infected Penis and that is where they got their perverted sense of Hate! Thes Bastards are nothing more than shitheads. I would love to lop a few of their heads and then retain their bodies for about a week. Their belief is they must be buried in 48 hours or their souls will be lost or some bullshit! Whack off their heads and tie in a tree upside down to drain them of the shit in their veins then burn the dirt to clean it up of their filth!

    • How do you really feel eliwhit? To go with the koran pork you will need a couple cases of good old American Bourbon served by very young naked muslim bitches. Yea, just offer them a handful of American cash and them burkas come right off. Now invite every muslim guy you can find and teach them about pork and bourbon and naked bitches. This screws up the 96 virgin heaven for a towelhead! With no virgins waiting in heaven you just disarmed a terriorist or two!

  6. Correct me if I am wrong but was not the Crusades a Catholic war against the Mulims! While I am not Catholic I think they won but they did not win Biblically for if they had they would have killed them all and I mean all to prevent the spread of their mental disease!

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