Why is Obama in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Dr.  Essam Abdallah, an Egyptian liberal intellectual, in an article  published last October in the leading liberal pan-Arab journal Elaph, refers to  certain reports coming out of Washington:

These  reports reveal the depth of the below-the-surface coordination between the  Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian  regime and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya and Jordan.  This bloc of regimes and organizations is now becoming the greatest Islamist  radical lobby ever to penetrate and infiltrate the White House, Congress, the  State Department and the main decision making centers of the US government.  All of this is happening at a time when the US government is going through its  most strategically dangerous period in modern times because of its need to  confront the Iranian Mullahs regime, which is expanding in the Middle East, as  well as penetrating the United States, via powerful and influential  allies.

Abdallah  alleged that “the popular revolts in the Arab world — and the Obama  Administration’s position towards them — were determined by political battles  between various pressure groups in Washington.”

He  followed up with another article  this month in which he asks:

[W]hy  isn’t the West in general and the United States Administration in particular  clearly and forcefully supporting our  civil societies and particularly the secular democrats of the region? Why were  the bureaucracies in Washington and in Brussels partnering with Islamists in the  region and not with their natural allies the democracy promoting political  forces?

Steve  Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism said of this article: “This is  one of the most important articles I have read in years.”  He then made allegations of  his own:

It  was just revealed two days ago that FBI Director Mueller secretly met on  February 8 at FBI headquarters with a coalition of groups including various  Islamist and militant Arabic groups who in the past have defended Hamas and  Hizballah and have also issued blatantly anti-Semitic statements. At this  meeting, the FBI revealed that it had removed more than 1000 presentations and  curricula on Islam from FBI offices  around the country that was deemed “offensive.” The FBI did not reveal what  criteria was used to determine why material was considered “offensive” but  knowledgeable law enforcement sources  have told the IPT that it was these radical groups who made that determination.  Moreover, numerous FBI agents have confirmed that from now on, FBI headquarters  has banned all FBI offices from inviting any counter-terrorist specialists who  are considered “anti-Islam” by Muslim Brotherhood front  groups.

This  comes as no surprise to me.  In August of 2011, after making the case, I wrote, “To my mind, the  alliance between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood is the  cornerstone of Obama’s New Middle East policy.”

The  most damning bit of evidence was reported by Herb London in his article, “U.S. Betrays Syria’s  Opposition“:

In  an effort to understand and placate Syrian opposition groups, Secretary Clinton  invited them to a meeting in Washington. Most of those invited, however, have  links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Missing from the invitations are Kurdish  leaders, Sunni liberals, Assyrians and Christian spokesmen. According to various  reports the State Department made a deal with Turkey and Muslim Brotherhood  representatives either to share power with Assad to stabilize the government, or  replace him if this effort fails. One organization, the Syrian Democracy Council  (SDC), an opposition group composed of diverse ethnic and religious  organizations, including Alawis, Aramaic Christians, Druze and Assyrians was  conspicuously — and no coincidentally — omitted from the invitation  list.

Caroline  Glick wrote in August of  last year:

What  these observers fail to recognize is that Erdogan’s interests in a post-Assad  Syria have little in common with US interests. Erdogan will seek to ensure the  continued disenfranchisement of Syria’s Kurdish minority. And he will work  towards the Islamification of Syria through the Muslim  Brotherhood.

This  week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a private meeting with these brave  democrats. Why didn’t she hold a public meeting? Why hasn’t Obama welcomed them  to the White House?”

Today  there is a coalition of Syrian opposition figures that include all ethnic groups  in Syria. Their representatives have been banging the doors of the corridors of  power in Washington and beyond. Yet the same Western leaders who were so eager  to recognize the Libyan opposition despite the presence of al Qaeda terrorists  in the opposition tent have refused to publicly embrace Syrian regime opponents  that seek a democratic, federal Syria that will live at peace with Israel and  embrace liberal policies.

By  refusing to embrace liberal, multi-ethnic regime opponents, the administration  is all but ensuring the success of the Turkish bid to install the Muslim  Brotherhood in power if Assad is overthrown.

The  Syrian Democratic Coalition (SDC), above mentioned, is self-described  thus:

The Syrian Democratic Coalition  (SDC) is an emerging coalition of diverse Syrian organizations coming together  to help bring an end to the Assad regime and promote the transformation of Syria  into a secular democracy based in liberty. The coalition is founded upon a  belief in the separation of religion from state and is dedicated to establishing  a new constitution and transparent federal republic in Syria, based in reason  that equally protects minority rights, promotes gender equality, and embraces  the rights and liberties of every individual as enumerated in the United Nations  Declaration for Human Rights. This growing coalition crosses all ethnic,  religious and tribal lines to represent all Syrians. It currently includes  members of Save Syria  Now!, the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, the Union of Syrian Arab  Tribes and the Syrian Christian Democratic Movement.

Sherkoh  Abbas is secretary general of the Syria Democracy Council and president of the  Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria.  I first met him when he invited me  to be a director of the American Kurdish Friendship League some five years  ago.

Recently,  he confided in me that in all his dealings with the State Department over the  last two years, no interest was shown in his coalition, and instead, he was  continually pressed to support the Syrian National Council (SNC), made up of the  Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists and Arabists.  He believes that the  U.S. is working with Salafi groups, and the Turkish government, to create an  opposition in Syria that is strictly Islamist.  Such an opposition would  serve Turkish economic interests in Syria and keep the Kurdish issue dormant in  Turkey as well as in Syria.

For  the last six months at least, Obama has been cultivating a relationship with PM  Erdoğan of Turkey.  The budding relationship prompted Barry Rubin to ask,  “Why Is an Anti-American  Islamist, Obama’s Favorite ME Leader?

According  to Sherkoh Abbas, one faction of the SDC had family connections in various Gulf  States at the highest level and went to them for financial support.  They  were turned down, as Obama had instructed them to give money only to the  SNC.

Nevertheless,  the SDC is gaining traction amongst the Kurds, Druze, Sunnis, Christians, and  even the Alawites.  This is so because these various minorities are  beginning to think of a post-Assad Syria, and they all want a region of their  own.  They have expressed their willingness to be secular, democratic, and  a friend of Israel and will be asked to commit to this in writing.  They  don’t want Islamism or Arabism.  They prefer peace, freedom, and  prosperity.  So why isn’t Obama embracing them?

The  Obama administration is totally in sync with the Muslim Brotherhood.  At  the renowned Herzlia Conference this year, I met Salman Shalkh, one of the  speakers from Qatar.  We had a long conversation in which he kept pushing  for the Saudi Plan to be embraced by Israel.  This is the plan that Obama  is committed to — i.e., ’67 borders with mutually agreed-upon  swaps.

Shalkh  argued that Israel should talk to Hamas, and I countered, “What’s the point?   We have nothing to offer to them.”  Shalkh was also an apologist for  the Muslim Brotherhood.  These arguments should be expected from someone  from Qatar.  Unfortunately, the same arguments are being made by the White  House.  It is instructive to note that Shalkh is director of the Brookings  Doha Center in Qatar, the Arab offshoot of the Brookings Institute that has so  much influence with the State Department.  He told me that he was one of  the people who drafted the Roadmap on behalf of the State Department.  I  told him that it didn’t surprise me and suggested that he probably drafted the  Saudi Peace Plan for them as well.

What  is going on now in American foreign policy is not so much a product of the  Islamist lobby fueled by both the Muslim Brotherhood and the gulf states as it  is a product of a strategic alliance that has existed between the U.S. and the  gulf states led by Saudi Arabia since before Israel declared her independence.   Unfortunately, President Obama, with his overt outreach to Islam, Muslims,  and the Muslim Brotherhood, has taken it to another level.

It  would appear that the ideas expressed by Mearsheimer and Walt in their book, The Israel Lobby, are being embraced by both the State Department and  the White House.  These include the idea that the Israel lobby is too  strong for America’s good and that Israel is a liability to  America.

But  the truth is otherwise, as John R. MacArthur pointed out in 2007, in “The  Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby“:

Somehow,  though, I can’t shake the idea that the Israel lobby, no matter how powerful,  isn’t all it is cracked up to be, particularly where it concerns the Bush  administrations past and present. Indeed, when I think of pernicious foreign  lobbies with disproportionate sway over American politics, I can’t see past  Saudi Arabia and its royal house, led by King Abdullah.

This  article is a classic and should be read in full.

Obama  has decidedly moved from an alliance with Israel to an alliance with the  Islamists.

MK  Aryeh Eldad, in a speech  given in the fall in the U.S., when Israel was intending to act against Iran  militarily, said word came down from the White House that “if you act alone, you  will remain alone.”  Because Israel is so dependent on the U.S. for  resupply of weapons and munitions in a prolonged war, this threat changed the  calculus immediately.  It is true that when Mahmoud Abbas was threatening  to go to the U.N. for recognition, the Obama administration lobbied around the  world for negative votes.  But at the same time, Obama threatened Netanyahu  that Obama would withhold his veto if Israel took punitive action against the PA  by annexing some of the territories or by withholding funds.  Finally, he  used the same threat to get Israel to instruct AIPAC to lobby Congress not to  punish the PA by withholding U.S. funds.

Over  the last six months, Israel has been warned by a succession of senior military  and administration officials not to attack Iran, at this time, all in the name  of giving sanctions a chance.  But who believes that sanctions will stop  Iran?  And who believes that that the U.S. will in the end attack Iran to  stop them?

So  while Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, he is keeping Israel under his  thumb.

Isi  Leibler takes exception to all this and reminds everyone:

[T]his  organization [The Muslim Brotherhood]  represents one of the most fanatical  and dangerous of the radical Islamist groups in the region, with a dark record  of violence and terrorism imbedded in its DNA. It is rabidly anti-Western,  anti-Christian, antisemitic, committed to imposing sharia law and a global  Caliphate – and willing to employ any means to further its  objectives.

Many  would argue that Obama is also “anti-Western, anti-Christian[, and]  antisemitic.”  Judging by his policies, they would be  right.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/02/why_is_obama_in_bed_with_the_muslim_brotherhood.html#ixzz1nVXnXpsS

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