Religious Liberty: Obamacare’s First Casualty

Comments by 1 Dragon

With the attack from our government on our Religous freedom, how long will it be before the government tells you how many kids you can have? If you think it can’t happen, look at China, but that’s just my opinion.


7 thoughts on “Religious Liberty: Obamacare’s First Casualty

  1. China has good reason to limit its population. The land is crowded and the Chinese will eat anything for lack of something better. We are not near their crowding or poverty level for so many of our people. But with GOP policies in place we are headed toward more widespread poverty.

    • While Progressive/Liberals are welcome to this site, it is best that the comments you make be limited to events that you know about. Examples would be…… How to Screw over the People, the number of lies we can tell and get away with, raising taxes for the good of Socialism, etc.
      I am not a Liberal, nor do I claim to be a Republican but I am an American and I am a Patriot, so while your assault on the GOP is typical of most Liberals, better people then you have tried to insult me and have failed. So save your insults as I continue to save my Country.

  2. Nicely stated 1dragon.

    walthe310, like his fellow liberals, is good for a laugh and little else.
    I pity his ignorance, but it obviously suits him well.

  3. I don’t believe it will happen here because we will kick the progressive beast to the curb with their puppet Obama who’s strings are pulled by Soros. We have a Constitution and people from the country have shown since it’s inception they are willing to shed blood to protect it. This time like General George Patton said, we don’t die for our country we make the other dumb bastards dies for their belief systems. That would include rag heads that want to change our law. J.C.

  4. Check it out you are not wrong in your opinion! The NWO with the help of the Muslims as their Army want to scale down World Population to 500 million world wide. That means a lot of people must become dead quickly under their planned Order alng with their 666 mark for you to buy or sell anything thus mass starvation of untold millions after the Christians and the Jews are all beheaded. Do not believe it? Well it is readied right here in this Country!

  5. Christianity has been under attack for years in the media. TV shows make Christians look like terrorists or buffoons. There is little doubt that Obama is actually a muslim and the media never tells about how Christians are being persecuted and murdered in Islamic countries. Obama and Liberal Democrats would be the first to get their heads lopped off if muslims were in charge, shows Liberal’s stupidity. I thought obummer would be bad when he was elected but he has exceeded all expectations.

  6. walthe310- Ok, so again we are here. Let me understand you correctly. You side with obumma and his ilk that it is ok to advocate murder in order to control population. That’s essentially what is being presented. God forbid that people take responsibility for thier own actions, that if you have sex without protection or some other form of control BEFORE conception, you MUST expect the concequences of your actions (A.I.D.S., Crabs, Ghonorrea, PREGNANCY, etc.) and be responsible for them. You and others like you would rather have the Government limit your ability to have children, to force faith based organizations to go completely against thier morals and beliefs and provide items that essentially kill in the womb ( or take away the responsibility of the act all together), and force honest, hard working Americans to “Spread The Wealth” ( Read: Bust your ass to take care of people to damn lazy to work for themselves). Am I correct here? I believe I am. SOCIALISM is what is taking this country and forcing it into widespread poverty- leaving only the elite with the ability to have a financial future. Socialism has failed everywhere, everytime it has been implemented. Einstien once said that “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results”. You definetly have stupid in you, and you can’t fix stupid!

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