NEW YORK, NY – In his August, 1963 “I Have a Dream Speech”, Martin Luther King said, “In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds…We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline…” If he were alive today, Dr. King would be ashamed of the fraudulent ascendance of Barack Obama.

Obama’s supporters are not intellectually capable of accepting the facts about his ineligibility. They believe he is entitled to be president simply because of his “blackness”, not because he is legitimately qualified. This is the most shameful precedent set by Obama.
Excusing Obama’s bad behavior because of his dark skin, his supporters obstinately embrace a lie that he is simply America’s first so-called “black” presidential champion without ever acknowledging that it is Obama’s father’s foreign citizenship which only makes him ineligible to be a president, not an American citizen. Caterwauling accusations of racism in the face of incontrovertible facts, they actually believe any non-white life form which becomes president suddenly means that social fairness has been awarded to everyone who is also not white. Along with the fact that this is an extremely unhealthy exaltation of a political identity, such a delusion fails to calculate the consequences for an individual who is illegally elected, as Obama was. Apparently, the lessons of Nazism did not teach the world well enough.
In other nations, thousands of people are murdered in the streets because of the very same covert tactics Obama used to usurp power. The murder of 1200 Christians and Kikuyu in Kenya in 2007 after Obama’s alleged cousin, Raila Odinga, was defeated in that country’s presidential election, is just one such example. Violent radicalism by leftists forced an illegitimate, hasty revision to that nation’s 50-year-old constitution just to allow the addition of a power sharing arrangement between the new president and the communist, Odinga. Such foul compromise deserves it’s just reward.
Being conceived in bi-racial illegitimacy to a wayward, white, teenage mother and a deadbeat, womanizing, alcoholic, black father is not a handicap for Obama in America. Given Obama’s social popularity and his inciting ideology, it descends the depths of stupidity for anyone to believe that Obama’s opponents would prefer that he also be the offspring of an upstanding, all-American parentage. That would not only make him politically unstoppable, it would actually make him eligible to be president.
According to law, however, it is the fact that one of those parents was not an American citizen when Obama was born that disqualifies him from being president. It is not Obama’s mother which makes him ineligible, though the “5/14 citizenship conferment” argument does apply. It is Obama’s foreign father, who happened to be black, which has caused this trouble for Obama.
Now, the ignorance of denial combined with an irrational lust for social justice by a bowing liberal consensus has diluted Obama into little more than a convenient victim of racism to be pitied by his violent, obotic gang, and tragically so. Because of his ineligibility, that is all Obama gets to be…a shameful victim.
Rather than allowing Obama the dignity of being legitimized through the gracious legal provisions of the very constitution his desired office is sworn to defend, the left has hypocritically chosen to exalt a false agent of their otherwise valid ideological struggle never realizing that if it was Obama’s white mother who was the foreign citizen parent, challengers would still oppose the illegality of his presidency.
The fact that Obama’s alleged father is both foreign and black provides the left with a convenient means to remain stupid and obstinate over Obama’s eligibility because, as we all know, the left certainly has no intention of ever measuring Obama against the sovereignty of constitutional requirements. That would actually require Obama to meet a higher standard.
The obotic horde would rather have an illegal so-called “black” president mired in illegitimacy along with the teeth-gnashing fact that he is nothing more than just another in a long line of 44 American presidents relegated to demographics produced in another white womb, than admit they should have waited until the constitution could be legally revised to allow a more superior, eligible, non-white presidential candidate to uphold the natural-born honor of our highest executive office.



  1. I agree- MLK would be PISSED and ASHAMED of obumma and how he got there. NO QUESTION.

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