High School Choir Forced to Praise Allah


There comes a point when the moonbattery is so thick, all you can do is walk away — for example, when your choirmaster asks you to sing, “there is no truth except Allah”:

A Colorado high school student says he quit the school choir after an Islamic song containing the lyric “there is no truth except Allah” made it into the repertoire.

James Harper, a senior at Grand Junction High School in Grand Junction, put his objection to singing “Zikr,” a song written by Indian composer A.R. Rahman, in an email to Mesa County School District 51 officials. When the school stood by choir director Marcia Wieland’s selection, Harper said, he quit.

“I don’t want to come across as a bigot or a racist, but I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song,” Harper told KREX-TV. “This is worshipping another God, and even worshipping another prophet … I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth.”

We’re lucky that even church choirs are still allowed to say it. Note that he has been conditioned to apologize for being “racist” before voicing a commonsense opinion.

District spokesman Jeff Kirtland kept eyes rolling with the usual duckspeak:

“This is not a case where the school is endorsing or promoting any particular religion or other non-educational agenda. The song was chosen because its rhythms and other qualities would provide an opportunity to exhibit the musical talent and skills of the group [quack quack quack…]”

One verse goes, “There is no truth except Allah/Allah is the only eternal and immortal.”

The moonbats in charge have been coercively promoting Islam ever since 9/11 not because they really want us to become a Muslim nation, which would make their homosexual tendencies problematic, but because they are liberals. A liberal’s first impulse is to side with any enemy, be it ghetto punk, man-eating polar bear, or maniacal cult from the Dark Ages.

september 11
Still moving liberals to sing Allah’s praises.

3 thoughts on “High School Choir Forced to Praise Allah

  1. That whole school system should be jailed and the parents of all Christians in that area should sue the School Board for all that they are worth and then take the money and Start a Christian School system and let the raghead worshipers have what they can get like scraps! What in the hck is going on wecannot pray in schools or mentions Jesus Christ but these idiots can advocate the Use of Satan/allah. They will get no apologies from me for I have had enough of their shit! And I have been labeled a racist before,but this is just too much to take! Kiss my rectum Islam and Take your Satan allah to hell with you all!

  2. But remember- obumma will side with mulims no matter what. he has stated as much and has made it clear the White House, well- the Grunge House now- will follow suit.

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