Obama King Herod of His Day?



Someday it will go down as one of history’s most indelible ironies: the man who imposed birth control on Catholics was one without a valid birth certificate or any other kind of provable identity.

This is how future generations will read about how it all happened

About 50 years ago in real time, ‘someone’ gave birth ‘somewhere’ to a baby.  From red diapers, the baby grew up to be touted as ‘The Community Organizer of All Time’.  The main trajectory of this story took an activist from off the streets of Chicago to the Senate, then into the Oval Office as President of the United States of America, and, according to the legend of himself he carries in his own mind, self-crowned ‘King of the World’.

Under his grinding regime, right became wrong, wrong became right in block-by-block  New World Order construction, driven by hardcore Marxism, whose evil mission was the Fundamental Transformation of America no one seemed willing to stop.

As we all know, in the three and a half year timeline of his first term in office,  Barack Hussein Obama began openly shooting down religious freedom by imposing birth control among Catholic institutions.

Long before imposing his will on Christians, Obama had been Abortion’s Number One  World Advocate.  Ostensibly he did it, not for the children, but for women. Obama was already forcing American taxpayers to pay for millions of abortions in foreign lands.  Championed by his wife Michelle as “courageous”  in a fundraising letter extolling abortion,  Obama believes babies who survive abortion should be slaughtered upon drawing their first breath. (Lifesite and CFP)

Up to the debut of Obama, Your Agent for Change, King Herod held the record as the world’s most reviled infamous baby killer.

Born 73 or 74 BCE, Herod, a Roman “client king of Judea”, was also known as Herod the Great.  Horrid as Herod was, We the People of Herod’s day knew his father was Antipater the Idumaean, a high-ranked official under Ethnarch Hyrcanus II, and Cypros, a Nabatean.(wikipedia)

Just like Obama, King Herod dangled through life on someone else’s puppet strings. ‘Client state’  is one of several phrases used to describe the economic, political and/or military subordination of one state to a more powerful state: satellite state, associated state, puppet state, neo-colony, protectorate, vassal state and tributary state.

Herod’s puppet masters went about their business in togas and sandals;  Obama’s go about theirs in tailored suits and Teleprompter techniques, fortified by 2 million member- ‘Truth Squads’.

Even after 2000-plus years, the heartrending screams of the mothers of baby boys slaughtered before their very eyes can still be heard through the mists of time.  Stories of the screams of latter-day babies, who survive the abortion procedure, are suppressed and silenced lest the squeamish turn on the source who allows it to happen.  The agonized screams of baby slaughter in modern times are also covered over to make way for the rhetoric of politicians citing “womens’ rights” come election time.

We, perhaps, will never know in our lifetime what particular circumstances  saw Barack Obama’s mother bring her child to full term.  Indeed, other than what her son wrote in an allegedly ghost-written book, we don’t even know who is his mother.

Throughout the ages, people in high places have pretended to be what they were not.  Herod told the Three Wise Men to find the Christ Child and to come back and tell him the Baby’s location, so he, too, could go and adore Him.  The trio returned to their homes by circuitous routes and never saw the evil Herod again.

Obama, top baby killer of his time, claimed at the recent National Prayer Breakfast that he  gets down on his knees in prayer.

There are those who say that only Satan could shoot down Freedom of Religious rights while swearing allegiance to the Creator.

For all evil deeds and the lies that cover them, Vengeance is the Lord’s.

Herod’s gruesome death is worth noting: “Josephus wrote that Herod’s final illness—sometimes named as “Herod’s Evil (38)—was excruciating. (39).  From Josephus’ descriptions, some medical experts propose that Herod had chronic kidney disease complicated by Fournier’s gangrene. (40).  Modern scholars agree he suffered throughout his lifetime from depression and paranoia (41).  More recently, others report that the visible worms and putrefaction described in his final days are likely to have been scabies; the disease might have accounted for both his death and psychiatric symptoms (42).  Similar symptoms attended the death of his grandson Agrippa 1 in CE 44. (wikipedia)

There was only (thank God) one Herod, just as there is only (thank God) one Barack Hussein Obama.

If there is to be continuation of a Free West after November 6, 2012, the question that matters most reflects the babies who survive abortion but get no second chance:  Will Obama be given a second chance through reelection?


2 thoughts on “Obama King Herod of His Day?

  1. You know this guy is so into abortion that it is too bad that he was not aborted at birth! Would have saved us a lot of heartache and missery! I am totally against abortion with this one exception!

    • Justice may be blind but she can see in the dark. It’s only a matter of time for the truth to come out on him.

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