Why Obama Desperately Wants A HUDNA (Muslim Fake Truce) With The Catholic Church


Western Journalism

Catholic Bishops take note: It’s a HUDNA! Please don’t do it.

Barack Hussain Obama a man brought up in a Muslim tradition is trying to use a weapon against the Catholic Church as old as Islam itself. A Hudna is a tactical cease-fire designed to trick an enemy into dropping his guard so you can kill him while he sleeps.

Saddam’s thugs used it to prolong the battle over Falujah. They tricked George Bush into a hudna and used the time to rest and regroup.

The plan

Since Obama neither understands nor cares about Catholics he has been juggling the issue of force Catholic institutions to cover abortion and contraception as part of their employee health insurance plans.He was hoping the heretofore supine Catholic bishops would remain silent as they historically have when Democrats have assaulted religious liberties.

He was expecting the non-existent “outrage” over forcing Catholic pharmacists to sell RU486 pills. Why would he think otherwise? He has no genuine Catholics in his inner circle and in fact is taking advice on this crisis from a Protestant Minister who believes this is “so fixable” – if only the Catholics would just cave.

What’s on the table

In 2008 Obama won the Catholic vote by an impressive 54/45 margin. There was much rejoicing by the Left over the return of Catholic “sanity” after they had voted 52/47 for Bush in 2004.

A closer look at the 14 point swing shows why Obama and his CINOs (Catholics in Name Only) desperately want a hudna. Among actual Catholics those who attend mass weekly and heard the Bishops letter calling them to fight Obama, he lost 50/49. This may seem like a small margin but when juxtaposed with the overall results it is a 13 point swing against Obama.

Using the Notre Dame controversy as a measurement of Obama’s popularity among actual Catholics makes the situation crystal clear: By 45/37 they disapproved of inviting Obama to speak.

Since 45% of Catholics are regularly attending Mass the number of people who heard the letter numbers about 30 million. An eight point deficit among 30 million added to Obama’s other documented reelection problems elevates tricking the Catholic Bishops into this hudna to priority one.

A successful hudna will “calm” Catholics into believing that anything this Muslim trained president says will be honored once he is reelected.

“Muslims have every  right to lie and to deceive their adversaries, and a promise made to a non-Muslim can be broken whenever necessary.”

Please don’t do it, bishops.


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