One thought on “Wake Up America – Jon McNaughton

  1. Is it not to late already Mr. Mcnaughton ? I seen nothing on the horizon for us but a dismal situation that is already joined our Nation into Destruction from within! I see a once Great Nation Destroyed bye its own hand of perversions allowed to continue for civil liberties that should not have been allowed! I see a Nation of Murders allowed to kill unborn Children without so much as a tear.(57 million dead bye the hand of our Government and it Charges)! I see a nation that has thrust itself into the hands of minority groups that control our very Speach and its lack of freedoms therein. I see a Nation of Thugs that violently clamor for Control of Power to tell us what we can and cannot do in our lives! I see a Country that is America no more than it was before She was formed out of and for Justice and Liberty for all!

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