18 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Boy that sure does say it all at this point in time! If only I were free to write what I really think about the above photo sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This just shows how much we need GOD.

  3. We need obama out of the White House !!!!!!!!!!

  4. when MLK was alive it was about fairness in opportunity. now it’s about fairness in outcomes – which is ludicrous!!!

  5. People need to wake up. Obama is a black cloud over America. Stop the madness.

  6. The only way socialism works is it you are an Ant or a Bee! We are not bees or ants, we are American humans. I am tired of the liberals that run this administration. They forget that they are our employees not the other way around.


    • He never should have been elected.

      • This is so tragic..HE WAS NEVER!!!! NEVER!!! NEVER ELECTED!!!!!

        He got in both times with massive fraud. and they all knew it.
        He is now wanting a 3rd Term to finish us off with. He will get it… allow me to re-phrase that. HE WILL DECLARE IT…there will be even greater fraud than every before:

        BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO: They Knew…They Planned…This was Deliberate

      • Oooooh they knew.

  8. Now is the time for jobs, real jobs for all the
    lost careers in our nation. Need to be #1 again

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