5 thoughts on “Brian Terry’s Family Breaks Silence, Lashes Out At Holder Over Fast & Furious

  1. There is not excuse for this, Let see obama and holder want to take guns away from good American Citizens and at the same time he bye his order to and through eric holder obama has guns released into the hand of Criminals that is nothing absolutely the action of Accomplishes and they should be held accountable and arrested and tried and incarcerated for their Crimes that has cost the life of Agent Brian Terry and as the sheriff stated that they should also be held responsible for the Deaths of the other 200 + dead as a result of this insanity. The Mexican Government also should get them after they serve their time in the US. To try them for subversive actions directly responsible for an attempt to overthrow the Mexican Government bye the Drug Cartels supplied those guns!

  2. Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    IMO Holder, Obama and Napolitano all have blood on their hands when an American citizen is murdered by an illegal immigrant.
    Bob A.

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