New Bible Translation Removes “Father” And “Son” From The Trinity Because Terms “Offensive To Muslims”…

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(Yahoo! News) — A controversy is brewing over three reputable Christian organizations, which are based in North America, whose efforts have ousted the words “Father” and “Son” from new Bibles. Wycliffe Bible Translators, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and Frontiers are under fire for “producing Bibles that remove “Father,” “Son” and “Son of God” because these terms are offensive to Muslims.”

Concerned Christian missionaries, Bible translators, pastors, and national church leaders have come together with a public petition to stop these organizations. They claim a public petition is their last recourse because meetings with these organizations’ leaders, staff resignations over this issue and criticism and appeals from native national Christians concerned about the translations “have failed to persuade these agencies to retain “Father” and “Son” in the text of all their translations.”

Biblical Missiology, a ministry of Boulder, Colorado-based Horizon International, is sponsoring the petition.

The main issues of this controversy surround new Arabic and Turkish translations. Here are three examples native speakers give:

First, Wycliffe and SIL have produced Stories of the Prophets, an Arabic Bible that uses an Arabic equivalent of “Lord” instead of “Father” and “Messiah” instead of “Son.”

Second, Frontiers and SIL have produced Meaning of the Gospel of Christ , an Arabic translation which removes “Father” in reference to God and replaces it with “Allah,” and removes or redefines “Son.” For example, the verse which Christians use to justify going all over the world to make disciples, thus fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) reads, “Cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiahand his Holy Spirit” instead of “baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Rev. Bassam Madany, an Arab American who runs Middle East Resources, terms these organization’s efforts as “a western imperialistic attempt that’s inspired by cultural anthropology, and not by biblical theology.”

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8 thoughts on “New Bible Translation Removes “Father” And “Son” From The Trinity Because Terms “Offensive To Muslims”…

  1. I hope you sourced this one my friend or it must forever be put in the You Got to be Shitting me files. Good find, going to check it out. Personally I enjoy the hell out of offending those ignorant enough to be adherents of Islam. Thanks J.C.

  2. Thanks for the comments. If Yahoo News can be trusted, then it is a good source.

  3. So who gives a s_ _ _ _ what offends the Muslim of the world. I am so tired of kissing Muslim A_ _

  4. This is another Pathetic situation where everybody looks the other way and so goes America totally away out with the old in with the New and it makes me sick! If I were free to do what needs to be done, If only and I am sure that I am not alone in these thoughts!

  5. Last thing about this that I have to say is this Read the last pages of the Bible and they are sealing their fate with this change! It goes like this Whosoever should add to or take away from the Word of God are in Danger of eternal destruction!

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