Terrorists Take Lives Of 3000, Politicians Take Rights Of 300 Million


Western Journalism

In the decade which has followed the taking of 3000 American lives by Muslim terrorists, Washington politicians have done more damage to our Constitution and posed a greater threat to the rights and liberty of the American people than could have been conceived of or accomplished by all the Muslims in all the backward, barbaric, Islamic regimes of the world.

After 9/11, the American people were interested in two things—getting even and making certain it didn’t happen again.

So, on September 14th, members of Congress issued a “Joint Resolution for the Use of Military Force,” authorizing the President to “…use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks…”

And, beginning with George Bush and continuing through the 3 years of Barack Obama, the language of this Resolution has been employed to arm the President of the United States with powers so threatening to the God given and Constitutional rights of the American people as to have already been either strictly limited or clearly denied the Chief Executive by existing legislation–existing legislation which is being ignored.

George Bush and Barack Obama have utilized “Warrantless Surveillance, ” tapping into communications of American citizens suspected of being in league with al Qaeda. In 2001 the Patriot Act was passed, “…dramatically reducing restrictions on law enforcement’s……ability to search telephone, email communications, medical, financial and other records.”

On New Year’s Eve, Barack Obama signed into law legislation enabling him to incarcerate for an indefinite period any American citizen he considers a terrorist threat to the United States. This National Defense Authorization Act gives such prisoners no right to view the evidence or charges against them, no right to counsel, and no right to a speedy trial before their peers. Though guaranteed all citizens by the 6th Amendment, these rights are vacated by this Act.

Legislation is now making its way through Congress which would provide the president authority to revoke the citizenship of any American he believes either to have engaged in “hostilities” against the US, or to be a supporter of those who have.

In short, our rights and liberty are being eagerly swallowed whole by DC politicians in the name of protecting the nation from terrorism. And make no mistake, both Democrats and Republicans are signing on to these overreaching abuses of federal authority with little regard for the Constitutional treachery being exercised.

Many are undoubtedly greedy for the power such dangerous legislation affords the Washington ruling elite. Others give these measures their approval in order to avoid accusations of being “soft on terrorism.”

Either way, how do we the people stop and reverse the disintegration of our rights and the bastardization of the Constitution? “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution,” wrote Thomas Jefferson of those who would be foolish enough to consider “their” president to be above the improper use of unlimited power. (3)

But when elected officials refuse to BE bound by the Constitution, what recourse is left the American public?

The Founders would undoubtedly be both shocked and dismayed that the American people have yet to make good use of the 2nd Amendment rights these great men were so careful to reaffirm in our Constitution.


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