Coming This Fall: Voter Fraud Such as America Has Never Seen


Anyone familiar with Obama’s background with the voter fraud outfit ACORN or the way Eric Holder has been exploiting the Justice Department to impose racial “payback” politics will be unsurprised to hear that groundwork is being laid for massive fraud in the 2012 elections. Preventing South Carolina from confirming the identity of voters provides an example of just how far our rulers will push the Audacity of Arrogance to stay in power:

Mr. Holder argues that voter ID laws disproportionately discriminate against poor blacks and Hispanics — citizens who cannot afford to acquire a driver’s license, passport or other form of photo identification. The latest victim is South Carolina; its voter ID law has been blocked by the Justice Department. Liberal Democrats — taking their cue from the White House — are portraying the national movement for election reform as an authoritarian assault upon civil liberties. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has even petitioned the United Nations, asking it to declare states’ voter ID laws human rights abuses. …

This would be comical if the consequences were not so serious. South Carolina’s legislation provides for free ID cards to be given to anyone who needs it. Not one person — white, black or brown — is discriminated against or discouraged from casting a vote at the ballot box. Moreover, the Supreme Court already has ruled on the issue — upholding state voter ID laws. In the 2008 Crawford v. Marion County Election Board decision, the high court held that an Indiana law mandating photo identification at the voting booth was indeed constitutional.

It isn’t only about cheating; the strategy also involves manipulating the electorate with race warfare demagoguery.

The administration is trying to whip up minority frenzy, propagating the myth of widespread ballot suppression. The goal is to foster a sense of racial persecution of blacks, intending to maximize voter turnout in November. The results, however, will be to poison race relations further.

What did you expect, integrity? Obama climbed up through the infamously corrupt sewer of Chicago machine politics.

In Chicago, local elections are often marred by ballot stuffing and multiple voting – including by false voters who use the names of deceased individuals. … Stealing an election is not beyond this administration. After all, it’s the Chicago Way.

It comes back to Obama’s political alma mater, ACORN:

For years, community activist groups, such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, have engaged in massive electoral fraud – registering illegal aliens, offering bribes to numerous politically disinterested people in the inner cities as inducements to vote and pushing underage and multiple voting. Election reform, therefore, is a stake aimed at the heart of Democratic corruption and ACORN’s power. Clean up the voter rolls and Mr. Obama’s re-election is in serious jeopardy.

This is why Holder’s Injustice Department has explicitly refused to enforce the cleaning up of voter roles that is required by law.

To state the obvious:

It is perverse to have a society that requires a photo ID to go through airport security, drive a car, purchase expensive consumer goods using Mastercard or Visa (as happened to me recently when I bought a stack of DVDs and the cashier asked for my driver’s license to check against credit card theft) or get a simple library card, but not to cast a ballot — the most sacred act of citizenship in a deliberative democracy.

This begs the question of whether America really is still a democracy, or whether allowing lowlifes like Obama and Holder to run the government has so corrupted our system that election results are determined in advance.


5 thoughts on “Coming This Fall: Voter Fraud Such as America Has Never Seen

  1. How is it possible to “disenfranchise” those who have the I.D. required to cash welfare checks? They also have I.D. when it is required to buy cigarettes and alcohol, don’t they?

  2. See the LINDYGATE case in Texas. United States Department of Justice case DJ- 144- 74- 6219 murder of federal informant Lindy Honerkamp pertaining to the “break in” into government computer databases, and the cover up principal used by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott committing Medicaid fraud, and other reprehensible acts of retaliation against Carol Ann Davis in Harris County, Texas. See Harris County misdemeanor case 174264 and Greg Abbott’s ‘executive privilege ‘ to cover up and other cover up of false charges. Lindy suffered retaliation and intimidation due to her assistance to federal law enforcement in a federal criminal case of conspiracy filed against former Texas Speaker of the House Gus Mutscher infamous for the SHARPSTOWN Bank fraud scandal otherwise known as the Shadow on the Alamo. But the U.S. v Gus Mutscher H- 91-175 is not widely known; in fact it’s like a dirty little secret in the state of Texas. Lindy Harrison Honerkamp is the ex-wife of Texas Ethics Commissioner Attorney Warren “Tom” Harrison. Tom Harrison owed Lindy over $ 250,000 in back child support. The court RICO victims hold the truths of the document evidence of a fraudulent identity, murder base in fact and law, and a forged thumbprint to be self evident including violations of “fair use” among other violations of state and federal law risking national security by manufacturing fraudulent identities to obtain wrongful convictions, and other crimes of extortion, police, prosecutorial, judicial misconduct including ‘defense’ lawyer misconduct. In the early 1990’s FBI Agent Ron Stern solicited Carol Ann Davis. Finally U.S. Senator John Cornyn has taken an interest since 2007 and has seen the very damaging evidence against the state of Texas and the ugly realities of the crimes committed against the children of the State of Texas.


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