Politics is Every Citizen’s Personal Responsibility!



Every thinking, patriotic citizen realizes that our country is under assault by elected politicians, front organizations that support these traitors, and the media, but how many ‘patriots’ are actually engaged in taking responsibility for remedying this situation?

One of my favorite quotes is ‘You can’t turn on the right people without turning off the wrong people.’  This concept will be tested through this column.

Life will give us only what we are willing to fight for!  Have you ever known anyone in Satan’s army of Progressives, Marxists, Socialists, Fascists and Communists admit to any fault, or back down from any of his/her offensive and abhorrent positions?  These miscreants don’t exist in a vacuum.  There is a saying in sales that ‘a person’s silence implies acceptance or agreement.’  We don’t have a silent majority; we have an irresponsible and timid majority.  When are the true patriots going to make saving our families, careers, quality of life, and democratic republic as high a priority as those who are masterminding the destruction of our families, jobs, quality of life and democratic republic?

Those who avoid politics have a list of reasons for not becoming involved – what if our founding fathers had employed the same way of thinking?  Some say it is a dirty business.  Really, what was your first clue?  It is a dirty business because so few of those elected actually honor campaign promises and their oaths of office.  Party leadership can coerce even those who go into politics with the best of intentions if they don’t have us holding them accountable for their actions.  The reality is that those in elected office are representing the small pool of individuals who are involved in politics.  We need to expand the school of those who are politically involved in the pool of politics, and get all of us swimming in formation!  As more of us become informed and involved, we will force the change necessary to return our political system to a representative republic of all of us, not just the fringe groups who have been willing to jump into the pool.  Others not involved say they are too busy.  If they were to be diagnosed with cancer, or some other life-threatening disease, they would be forced to alter their schedule.  Our political situation is this dire!  It is time for all who love our country and have a vested interest in preserving it, along with their quality of life, to quit hiding behind this overused excuse!  There are other excuses, but, after all, an excuse is, at best, an excuse, and one excuse is as irresponsible as another is!

If you are familiar with Dave Ramsey, you know he is famous for his ‘envelope system’ for helping people control their financial responsibilities.  It is well past the time for those of us who abhor what is happening to our country to employ a similar system to incorporate our time, talents and treasury to address our political responsibilities.  The hurricane of the Barack ‘Katrina’ Obama regime has swept over the entire country and has buckled many of our Constitutional levees designed to protect us from just such an onslaught.

One of these levees is our moral underpinnings of our republic.  While many people focus upon the financial bankruptcy that is being thrust upon the American citizenry, individually, collectively, and inter-generationally, our social and moral bankruptcy is even more devastating.  Without a moral foundation, there is no basis for a sound financial foundation.

Edmund Burke’s quote, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing’ is very apropos to our current fiscal, social and political environment.  We need to turn our frustration into motivation for our individual and collective benefit.  Think about how frightened the traitors and fringes of society will be when the masses, who are not currently involved, become involved in the political process.  ‘The more, the merrier’ is a quote that applies here also.  The scabs of society rely upon the irresponsible majority to remain uninvolved.  By coming together, each patriot can add his/her contribution, lessening the burden now upon the few who are standing against the evil that is permeating our country.  If the newcomers to the political scene are successful in business, they probably have skills that are needed to blunt the blitzkrieg of those who seek to raise themselves up by tearing the rest of us down.  They may also have the treasury to support those who seek to honor their oaths to represent us.

According to Mark 8:36 – 38, ‘What profit does a man show who gains the whole world and destroys himself in the process?  What can a man offer in exchange for his life?  If anyone in this faithless and corrupt age is ashamed of me and my doctrine, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes with the holy angels in his Father’s glory.’  I realize the traditional focus of this passage is not about politics, but I believe it applies to our political plight and us.  Satan’s constant assault against God and mankind demands that we not abdicate our personal responsibility for our families, our communities, and our nation.

Our Creator has blessed our nation beyond all other nations.  Why else are so many born outside of this country willing to risk everything, even their lives, to enter our country, legally, or illegally?  With these blessings comes the responsibility (darn, there’s that word again) for us to protect ourselves, and our republic, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Only Rip Van Winkle and those who don’t give a rip about our republic could feign to believe that these are not perilous times.

We don’t have to revert to an Arab Spring-like revolt to rescue our country from the agitators and traitors in our government and media, but the longer it takes for us to come together for our own benefit, and for the benefit of our nation, the greater our challenge is becoming to be successful in that effort.  The 2012 elections promise to be the dirtiest and most savage of our lifetime.  Those entrenched in power will not give up their power easily.  New Year’s is a time for making resolutions.  Let’s make a resolution to ourselves, and to each other, to take personal responsibility for saving our constitutional republic from the thugs who weigh upon us, carrying on the legacy of our founding fathers, and all who have sacrificed so much so that we are free to pursue our happiness.


2 thoughts on “Politics is Every Citizen’s Personal Responsibility!

  1. We have been brain washed for over 50 years in K-College! Lies are now thought to be the truth. “They” have turned US into slaves that no longer think for ourselves. We silently watch the now 60″ idiot box and do as we are told. Propaganda 24 – 7. I could show you how it is ALL lies, but I doubt you could handle the truth. It has just been so long since you saw anything that is true. You watch “news” that is actually actors playing the parts of victims.
    They control your tiny little minds.

  2. You had it right at idiot box.

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