We Know More About Jesus’s Birth Than Obama’s

American Thinker

A  few years back, the Harvard-educated Paul Mirecki, then head of the Religious  Studies Department at Kansas University, proposed a new  class.

His  goal, as he told his cohorts in an atheist and agnostic chat room, was to give  “fundies” — i.e., orthodox Christians — “a nice slap in their big fat face by  teaching [intelligent design] as a religious studies class under the category  ‘mythology.'”

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GoDaddy lost 72,354 domains this week. It’s not enough.


Despite a massive Twitter campaign and a blog post that claims “Go Daddy no longer supports SOPA legislation” the company and their CEO have dodged questions about opposing the bill. In essence, they are taking a lesser role by not showing support for the bill. They have not opposed it.

This week, they lost around 72,000 domain registrations. At a yearly discounted rate of $6.99 (most registrations are higher), that’s over half a million dollars per year. It is apparently not enough for them to speak out against the bill.

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