Republicans! Stop acting like Democrats


I’ve watched a number of the National Republican debates. Some of the candidates are squabbling furiously in an attempt to emerge head or shoulders above the competition. It’s getting bloody. These aspirants seek the Party’s nomination to supplant Barack Hussein Obama, less than a year from now.  I continue to be astounded how petty and juvenile the party of the Elephant has become in vetting its candidates. Does the elite group of eight realize who the real foe is?

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Live Database Pull Linking Harrison Bounel to Obama’s Bogus Social Security Number

ObamaRelease YourRecords

Al Hendershot: A database pull using the Obama alias Harrison J Bounel linking it to Barack H Obama’s bogus social security number and linking the Obama alias to Michelle Obama as well. A direct search using “Bounel” in the state if IL was used in capturing this vital information that has never been exposed until now.
This alias is associated with his bogus CT social security number that he has been using since the 1970’s. The alias is also associated with Michelle L Obama which lists her as Bounel’s spouse as of 2011. Barack H Obama has committed a felony in the state of NH; furthermore, he has committed the same fraud in every state prior to the 2008 election and in the up-coming 2012 election.