This is Sharia

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Allowing countries where we’ve spilled so much blood to have Sharia enshrined in their constitution is the most retarded thing the United States has ever done.


The ordeal of Gulnaz did not simply begin and end with the physical attack of her rape. The rape began a years-long nightmare of further pain, culminating in an awful choice she must now make. 

…After the attack, she hid what happened as long as she could. But soon she began vomiting in the mornings and showing signs of pregnancy. It was her attacker’s child.

In Afghanistan, this brought her not sympathy, but prosecution. Aged just 19, she was found guilty by the courts of sex outside of marriage — adultery — and sentenced to twelve years in jail.

The only way around the dishonor of rape, or adultery in the eyes of Afghans, is to marry her attacker. This will, in the eyes of some, give her child a family and restore her honor.


No Answers From Interior Department on Number of Foreign Companies Drilling for Oil and Gas in U.S.

( – A Florida lawmaker wanting to find out how many foreign-owned companies have leases to drill for oil and natural gas in the U.S. was surprised to learn that the federal department issuing leases does not differentiate in its records between companies owned by foreign governments and others.

Republican Rep. David Rivera has been trying to establish the number  of foreign-owned energy companies drilling in the U.S. but has been  unable to get that information from the Interior Department, the agency responsible for granting leases for onshore and offshore oil and gas  operations.

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A TRILLION DOLLAR DISASTER… CBO Confirms Obama-Pelosi Stimulus Damages Economy in Long Run

Gateway Pundit

Worst. President. Ever.

The CBO confirmed today that the $787 billion Obama-Pelosi stimulus plan damages the economy in the long run. The Washington Times reported:

The Congressional Budget Office on Tuesday downgraded its estimate of the benefits of President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, saying it may have sustained as few as 700,000 jobs at its peak last year and that over the long run it will actually be a net drag on the economy.

CBO said that while the Recovery Act boosted the economy in the short run, the extra debt that the stimulus piled up “crowds out” private investment and “will reduce output slightly in the long run — by between 0 and 0.2 percent after 2016.”

The analysis confirms what CBO predicted before the stimulus passed in February 2009, though the top-end decline of two tenths of a percent is actually deeper than the agency predicted back then.


Online Anti-Obama Sales Outpace Pro-Obama Nearly Fourfold…

Weasel Zippers

It’s almost like it’s not cool to be a brain-dead Obama supporter anymore.

(TheDC) — This past week, anti-Obama merchandise outpaced sales of pro-Obama merchandise 79 percent to 21 percent at the online clothing store CafePress, which has been tracking sales of election-relevant items.

CafePress, an online custom merchandise shop, launched its 2012 “Election Meter” at the beginning of November but has been tracking the trends in candidate merchandise sales since April.

According to the clothier, the “Meter” successfully predicted President Obama’s victory in 2008. This week’s data represents a stark contrast to Obama’s sales during the 2008 election cycle.

“As CafePress saw four years ago (and four years before that), the T-shirt economy has a history of predicting presidential winners,” said CafePress Director of Marketing Marc Cowlin in April. “In 2008, Obama was a consistent fan favorite on CafePress, surpassing sales of McCain t-shirts and gifts by more than 30 percent in the weeks leading up to the election.”


Rezko gets 10 1/2 years

Fox Nation

Hailed by prosecutors as a “wake-up call,” Antoin Rezko was sentenced to 10½  years in prison today for extorting millions of dollars from firms seeking state  business or regulatory approval while he was a top fundraiser and adviser to  then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Rezko’s daughter broke down sobbing as U.S.  District Judge Amy St. Eve handed down the sentence, telling Rezko his “selfish  and corrupt actions” had damaged the trust people have in their government.
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