Libya: ‘U.S. took a back seat’ myth takes another hit as Obama admits Americans flew French jets

One of the many myths of the Libya war is the claim that the Americans took a ‘back seat’.  Discerning observers will acknowledge that U.S. niche capabilities such as Predator drones for bombings and intelligence gathering have played a crucial role.  On top of this, political skulduggery on the parts of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have played a huge part in expediting the war, in tandem with CIA assets on the ground since very early on.(1)  These factors, coupled with a very revealing recent development, completely blow the ‘back seat’ myth out of the water.

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Lefty Terrorist Bill Ayers Teaches Occupy Chicago Protesters…

Weasel Zippers

Teaching them what? — How to build bombs? — Kill police officers?

(NBC Chicago) — Controversial activist, professor and author Bill Ayers was videotaped recently giving advice about non-violent protesting to Occupy Chicago protesters.

Filmed last month by Education Action Group, EAG-TV, and posted on their YouTube page, the video shows Ayers teaching a group of protesters in a “teach-in.”

Ayers made headlines in 2008 when his connection to then-candidate Barack Obama were crystallized — perhaps most notably — by Sarah Palin who accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists.”

During the teach-in, Ayers preached inclusion. When asked if violence was a necessary step to increase the Occupy movement, Ayers tells the listeners violence is not the answer instead protesters should use their brilliance, humor, wisdom and body to “dramatize the violence that exists”.

“We do not live in a neutral, non-violent. Not when there is a trillion dollar military budget, the biggest in the world. Not when they are recruiting kids to be in the service. Not when every athletic event begins with guns and marching. That’s a violent culture and that is where we live,” said Ayers. “A real revolution involves the masses of people transforming themselves and that is going to require a hell of a lot more than your gun against the some other guy’s gun.”


Guilty: Obama Admin Illegally Used U.S. Funds to Promote Abortion in Kenya

Floyd Reports

A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds the Obama administration gave taxpayer funds to an organization that illegally lobbied Kenya to liberalize its abortion law as the president’s ancestral nation revised its constitution. Moreover, a high-ranking State Department employee stonewalled the investigation.

The Obama administration dedicated at least $18 million to convince Kenyans to ratify the new constitution, which expanded women’s legal right to an abortion.  Although a 1981 law known as the Siljander Amendment specifically states “none of the funds made available under this Act may be used to lobby for or against abortion,” one recipient of U.S. aid pressed the issue anyway.

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