Obama’s Resume

Knowledge Creates Power

Constitutional Professor and Scholar at Chicago Law

FACT: Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even
considered, as the law School faculty hated Obama. A few weeks later, the
Board of Trustees told the school to find him an office, put him on the payroll,
and give him a class to teach, as a bottom of the totem-pole part-time
instructor, NOT a professor, associate professor, or adjunct. –Ever hear of one
former student stepping forward telling the world how great of a teacher he was?
Me neither. . .
FACT: He was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of
the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a
political stepping stool.

FACT: He had the lowest intellectual
capacity in the building, and many doubted he ever was editor on the Harvard Law
Review, as he would be the first and only editor in their history, to never
be published while in school
which is a requirement. –perhaps another
political stepping stone for him.

Unsealed Documents

FACT: His college records have never been released.
His actual birth certificate has never been released, ONLY a representation of
what is on the actual copy, NEVER the actual copy itself. I guess they don’t
have scanners or digital cameras in Hawaii.
FACT: His actual passport
used to travel to Pakistan in college, has never been found. If his Indonesia
passport was used, he would be a citizen of Indonesia, and never reestablished
U.S. citizenship, making him ineligible to be president.
man is using a Connecticut social security number, not a Hawaii number.

FACT: His wife worked at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, who had
graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, and who
had endured the grueling task of sitting for the bar exam TWICE, then gave up
her law license in 1993. Wonder why the media never questioned that?

Winning by Fraud

FACT: Obama ran unopposed in the 1996 Democratic primary race
for the state Senate seat representing Chicago’s 13th District because he
successfully challenged four of his potential Democratic opponents, and they
kept challenging petitions until every one was forced off the ballot.

FACT: Republican Jack Ryan was forced to withdraw from running
for a U.S. Senate seat due to the sexy and salacious details of his SEALED
DIVORCE RECORDS.  The courts made him prove how making the documents public,
despite both he and his ex-wife’s request to keep them sealed, would harm him.
One week later, he bowed out of the Senate contest. Republican Alan Keyes took
over, and lost to Barack Obama for U.S. Senate.
FACT: Obama’s people
packed the primary ballot boxes, disenfranchised Hillary Clinton
supporters, and engaged in voter fraud to win the nomination for
FACT: Democrats, and their media buddies,
systematically attacked the strongest G.O.P. challengers in 2008, leaving
old, liberal John McCain as the last man standing, eventually losing to Obama in

Now you know how a man with no resume, no skills, hidden documents, and
Chicagoland tactics is sitting in the White House.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s Resume

  1. You are shocked by this finding Dragon? Doesn’t everybody hate him? MoooSheeelll does.

  2. She doesn’t count though because no one likes her either.


  4. That only works if he was turn against them.

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