Racism and False Accusations of Sexual Harassment:
Now we know why the
liberal establishment is so desperate for ignorant voters to hate Herman Cain.
He represents everything degenerates desperately fear. His race, his success,
his dichotomous opposition to their Chosen One, Barack Obama, and his competence
over Obama’s miserable failure in economic matters. Most importantly, however,
Herman Cain possesses the backing of the truly powerful and wealthy who will not
hesitate to subsidize a massive, global investigation into the fraudulent
presidency of the most unadulterated, prolific swindler in American political

The Daily

New York, NY – Herman Cain is a mortal threat
to the liberal establishment because he demonstrates with vast clarity and merit
that a black American has no need for the communist, neo-liberal doctrines of
reparative justice in order to achieve economic equality and success. There is
no greater threat to the socialist liberals now residing in the White House than
an independently successful black American.

Cain achieved success because
he is simply more superior than his competition, and his enemies know

Cain, having been raised in Southern American culture, is a true
descendant of the legacy of slavery and he possesses unquestionable authority
regarding matters of race-based politics. Even his enemies bow to this fact.
Therefore, they understand he cannot be accused of racism, which is the
preferred slur flung around by liberals against conservatives. So, liberal hacks
working for Obama are instead attacking Cain’s character using the only other
possible weapon, albeit ineffective, they possess…sexual politics.

and race. The binary ignorance of the shallow liberal

Unfortunately for Obotic degenerates, the one thing they
forgot in their sex-mongering attack on Cain is that America lost its appetite
for this lurid crap 12 years ago, when they were forced to imagine the digusting
scenerio of Bill Clinton standing in the Oval Office with his pants around his
ankles as an intern took his “oral dictations”. Do Cain haters honestly believe
anyone is going to care what some liberal hit piece says after that hypocritical
garbage? Bill Clinton makes accusations against Cain look like a Sunday at

Time to join adult society, liberals. Obama can’t save you. “Hope
and Change” is dead. Now, you are being forced to choke on the fact that just
because you are offended, it does not mean anyone did anything offensive and the
teeth-gnashing, universal truth for Obots is that America no longer allows their
buddies in the liberal media to define what is offensive.

True to form,
as we draw closer to the 2012 election and just as we predicted here at that The
Daily Pen back in September, the first GOP presidential candidate has been
targeted by the liberal media for character assassination. According to leftist
sources, three faceless, nameless women are accusing GOP presidential candidate,
Herman Cain, of offending them, while a fourth woman, Sharon Bialek, has come
forward to make her accusations public.

Accompanied by women’s rights
attorney Gloria Allred, Bialek said in a press conference held on Monday,
November 7, that she went public to “give a face and voice to those women who
cannot or do not wish to come forward.”

According to Bialek, she met
Cain, the married father of two, in 1997 while Cain was head of the National
Restaurant Association shortly after she had been fired from the organization in
Chicago. In the wake of an investigation into the reasons why Bialek was fired,
it has since been learned that she has ties to members of Obama’s

Bialek claims she agreed to have dinner with Cain to ask
for help finding another position. She alleges that, upon leaving the
restaurant, Cain physically assaulted her while making unwanted sexual

Bialek did not provide evidence or reasons why she failed to
file charges against Cain at the time, or why she chose to make her accusations
public 14 years later just as Cain has become a leading candidate for the GOP
presidential nomination.

“The timing is more curious than the content,”
says media analyst, Marian Taylor.

“One would expect such accusations to
lead to some kind of criminal investigation when they actually occurred, if they
are legitimate,” Taylor says, “The whole affair seems a little too convenient.
The fact that Gloria Allred is involved should be all America needs to
understand where this trash comes from. Gloria Allred? Seriously?”

makes you wonder what else Herman Cain did not do which he is accused
of by anonymous gold diggers and liberal media carnival barkers.

evil hordes have a lot to fear from Herman Cain. Cain’s access to untold
monetary power so frightens the liberal establishment and Obama’s lapdog media
that they will conjure any lie from their seething caldron in order to fight the
exposure of the ultimate truth presiding against them. The truth being that
Obama is a fraudulent president who has not only failed to ever demonstrate his
eligibility to hold that office, but also has likewise and naturally failed at
every task his usurped position has required him to perform. Obama is a true
counterfeit hewn deep from the harbingers of liberal insidiousness, and Cain has
the potential of bringing Obama’s epic fraud into the domain of

Recall, The Daily Pen wrote in September,
2011…”Obama’s existence is so threatened by Cain that the communist
propaganda media wing of Obama’s illegitimate administration will very soon
contrive a story in which sporadic, random and anonymous women or former
children will actually and falsely levy their anonymous offendedness at
Cain…Knowing all too well the character of liberals, I can confidently say it
will most likely be women. They would rather not set the precedence of having
anyone look into offenses against children. That hits too close to home for most

These women will be sought out by Obama’s liberal hacks for the
very purpose of attempting to destroy Cain. They will be sought out because they
will not come forward on their own either because they are not actually damaged
or injured, or because of some former settlement Cain was forced to accept under
false pretenses in order to avoid the cost of litigation. No matter what the
liberal media packages and sells, the actual truth about these women will be
twisted and maimed until the only vile message conveyed by the enemy is that
Cain must have certainly committed an act of aggravated rape or sexual assault
but for which there will never be any proof of actually happening. The proof of
such accusations in this case will be in the twisted minds of those looking
through the eyes of those who now, all of a sudden, claim to be

It is an absolute certainty that the ignorant consumer of
liberal sewage will never wonder why the so-called “victims” didn’t have the
courage or permission to come forward before Cain was a presidential

Therefore, my vintage American brothers and sisters, don’t be
surprised when, in October or soon thereafter, some liberal media hackshop like
MSNBC, ABC or CBS concocts a hit piece against Cain for political reasons but
for which no affirming evidence will ever actually surface…Then , calmly
remember who the messenger is and that the messenger is the one you should
target for deletion from legitimacy, not Cain.”

Herman Cain is
the proverbial rock being thrown into the pack of liberal dogs. Now, all we have
to do is listen for the ones who yelp the loudest…

It’s good to
be right about liberals.

The Truth About Race and Reparative

The evil tactics used by liberals to maintain their
illegitimate power should not surprise decent people. When the price for failure
is the loss of their reparative justice agenda and a millenial reduction of
their purpose, liberals must protect their little world at all costs. They have
nothing else.

Remember, liberal reparative justice hinges upon their
ability to keep minorities poor and convince ignorant masses that America is an
offensive society in which slavery began. Liberal derangement forces its victims
to lie about this history in order to make the case for compensation for their
generational offendedness. Herman Cain is an exceptional American, first. Only
by a twisted ideological bent does the liberal establishment insist that Cain’s
race should disqualify him from affluence and success in order maintain their
theme of American oppression of black people. Cain utterly destroys this
dysfunctional notion…and white, racist liberals hate him for it.

is the outrage of black leaders against white liberal attacks on Cain? Where is
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Whoopi Goldberg? Perhaps they need help with

Let’s start at the beginning, not some random point in history
which serves only some liberal psychosis.

Advances in anthropological
science reveal that all modern descendants of early man come from geographic
origins located on the continent now known as Africa. However, the dirty little
secret which liberal pedagoguery and liars of modern political correction won’t
tell the world is why today’s anglo-European societies, some of the smallest
minorities on earth behind Asian and African demographics, now preside over the
most powerful economies in human history. How has America been able to raise the
quality of human existence while the rest of world languishes in their
unwarranted hatred of us?

Somewhere in early human history, perhaps
thousands of years ago, humanity’s first “patriots” decided they did not want to
be slaves any longer. They rose up…they fought and, at some point, they left
Africa seeking freedom. They made new societies in the northern hemisphere and
became pale skinned over generations, migrating through less arid climates.
Eventually, those former slaves distinguished themselves as a new race apart
from their former slavemasters. Then, perhaps in the mid second millenium or so,
it was time to square the account. Descendants of former slaves became the

After 500 years of natural justice, in a place called
America, around 1865, slavery ended despite the twisted lies from liberal minds
that would have the world believe that slavery began in America. Slavery did not
begin in America…it ended in America! The blood of more than 700,000 Americans
was spilled over this issue and a Proclamation was signed by a Republican
president as closure. Accounts paid in full.

Jump ahead to today. Herman
Cain, a prominent black citizen of the highest credentials, has emerged as the
pristine result of the actual legacy of economic equality after the death of
slavery, among all races.

Reparative justice has been achieved by Herman
Cain and this is what so terrifies the liberal establishment. Cain achieved
economic justice in a way that makes him the greatest threat to liberals than
any other person on the planet. He earned it and, thereby, was exonerated by his
own merit. He did not seek payment from others for nothing. He set out to define
himself as exeptional based on his own equity as a man of equal opportunity. He
did not see himself as a victimized black man entitled to reparative

This is why Herman Cain is a mortal threat to liberals. He is
the living embodiment of evidence which completely destroys the liberal case for
reparative justice which relies solely on the justification for confiscation of
the wealth of others through government taxation to compensate offended blacks.
Cain became wealthy and successful without stealing, begging or borrowing beyond
his means. How’s that for black role modeling?

Cain’s message to the
black race is one which white liberals will never embrace because white liberals
are the actual racists of American society. Cain’s life narrative to black
people says, “I am what you can be come too if you will reject entitlement
mentality, fight against socialism, embrace freedom and become what your
God-given gifts intended for you.”

Obama’s bowing hordes need
their chosen black icon to be the bearer of such justice…not an
actual successful person like Cain. Liberals want a shadow creature like Obama
to bear the lie of their message which says that reparative justice must be
taken from those only we are offended by. In seeking reparative
justice, however, liberals refuse to acknowledge the truth as it was prior to
their shallow, ignorant, American slavery-era moorings. Beyond this time, when
faced by the entire body of truth which presides, liberal reparative justice is
rendered meaningless and contrived.

Today, liberal degenerates have
hijacked the American media complex and they are going to use everything in
their insidiously evil box of implements to undermine real leaders like Herman

Decent American people must first remember, and never forget, that
liberals are the actual racists of our species. They were the first to
incorporate racism under the guise of social justice seeking recompense for
their version of what they think constitutes “fairness” for everyone. Liberal
shame lies in their ignorance to remain in only the moment which serves their
selfish entitlement derangement. This recent attack on Cain is the
quintessential example of liberal racism and hatred.

Vintage Americans
are the descendants of the first slaves who fled north out of the African
continent, away from their African slave masters, seeking inhabitance in freedom
from their oppressors. Herman Cain is the descendant of the first generation of
slavemasters who were forgiven long ago. Generations later, the races of the
earth began settling a prehistoric score which transcends idiotic liberal
ideology cultivated in the fraudulent idea that America alone, somehow, invented

These are the same gangrenous hordes who have conjured offended
women to smear Herman Cain.


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