2 thoughts on “Sunny TV: Herman Cain Sexually Harassed Me Too

  1. Suppose to be funny, but rather a sick thing to put out. Let’s get on to what is wrong with America, not some woman’s whim of stupidity ridiculous made up harrassments. He probably did not pay attention to them, so they are mad and went after him. Oh, by the way, I am a woman.

    • FYI
      If a woman claims sexual harassment against a male, it doesn’t have to be proven. This is fact. Countless cases are out there. The question is why are they bringing it up now after 12 years? The same thing happened to Justice Thomas. Yet Bill Clinton can have several affairs and the media is silent. Nor did they give a second thought to John Edwards. It was the National Enquirer that broke the story on his affair. Maybe Cain didn’t pay them any attention, just goes to show there are a few people out there with morals.

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