The Feds are at war with the States!


President Barrack Hussein Obama is certainly no Abraham Lincoln. Unlike the 16th president who brought the full power of the Federal government against the Confederacy during the Civil War, Obama takes out his hunting rifle and picks off States who are simply trying to protect themselves against the onslaught of massive illegal immigration.  South Carolina is the latest State to attempt to do the job our Federal Government refuses to do: Protect our borders from illegal aliens flooding into the United States.

Now the Palmetto State finds itself in Federal Court fighting the Regime of the America-hating Left.

Leading the charge is corrupt Attorney-General Eric Holder who should have stepped down from his lofty position in the wake of the Fast’n Furious scandal. Holder has no shame, no embarrassment over the deaths of two Border Patrol agents caught up in the Obama machine’s gun-running sting operation.

South Carolina’s attempt to deal with the devastating effects of illegal immigration in its State follows similar legislation in Arizona and Alabama. The Grand Canyon State is fighting in Appeals Court to re-implement its SB 1070 law, mostly gutted in the Federal Court in Phoenix. The Crimson Tide State is going the same route.

The sad reality is current Federal Law on immigration is being summarily ignored. U.S. Civil Code 1324 calls for the identification of all aliens, legal and illegal. It is a Federal crime to harbor an illegal alien in the United States. California’s 834b mirrors Federal law. It, too, is blatantly ignored by Sacramento and the dozens of sanctuary cities in the Golden State including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Imagine this scenario: Someone attempts to break into your home and steal your possessions. You call the police to assist. They arrive and tell you there is nothing they can do: this is a Federal matter.

The financial effects of this massive illegal immigration are staggering. In Los Angeles County alone, the cost of illegal immigration and benefits to the native born children of illegals exceed $1.6 billion, annually, according to 5th District Supervisor Michael Antonovich.

Arizona, Alabama, and now South Carolina are simply trying to protect themselves doing the job the Federal government won’t do: Secure the Border.

The Obama Administration refuses to do its job and is in violation of Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution demanding the president keep our borders secure.

That violation is an impeachable act. Are you listening, House of Representatives?


2 thoughts on “The Feds are at war with the States!

  1. There are two kinds of aliens in the United States: Legal aliens and illegal aliens. The Federal corporation decides who is legal; and who is not. Don’t believe it? Just ask them.
    The Feds have been at war with the States since 1860. the 14th Amendment made slaves of everyone. Now that War of Corporate Conquest is a Perpetual Police Action, supporting the United Nations in it’s efforts to establish and maintain world peace. (Preamble to the Congressional Record, 1953 )

  2. More info the People don’t know anything about. Thanks.

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