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Without Due Process!
Hollywood is Pressuring Congress to END Internet

Action Alerts has been warning you for months about the Obama administration’s
attempts to take over the Internet. He is creating a police-state in which
NOTHING is free from government control.

HR 3261, ”Enforcing and Protecting American Rights
Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act of 2011” … also known as
the “E-PARASITE Act” … or, the “Stopping Online Piracy Act” … seeks to limit
Internet freedom and commerce, and gives unprecedented power to the government and law enforcement.

You will hear it called by many names, but the end result
is the same: Under the terms of this legislation, a copyright owner can accuse a
site of theft, and WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, that site can be shut down-along with
any others that share the domain, even if
they have done nothing wrong.

Our First and Fourth Amendments are under assault. We
must get our message to Congress IMMEDIATELY and tell them to OPPOSE this bill.
This has the potential for GREAT abuse by our government, and as freedom-loving
citizens, we MUST take action now. Flood Congress with your Faxes and tell them
to oppose this legislation and protect free speech and free enterprise in

If ONE video, ONE picture, or ONE product on a legitimate
website is deemed “pirated” by the copyright owner, the ENTIRE website can be
shut down – a move that will cripple the economy further by punishing American

Many groups will just move their hosting off shore to
prevent the shutdown from occurring to them. Because the groups know this will
all be done without
due process.

Even large, reputable retail sites can be made to
“disappear” if someone accuses them of using copyrighted content.


This is happening because Obama’s Hollywood friends are
upset. The Motion Picture Association of America is squarely behind the lobbying
efforts for this bill. You wonder, is this what they talk about when Obama goes
out toL.A. for his fundraisers?

We all know there is a problem with people stealing music
and movies,and making money on it, and we need measures in place to protect
intellectual property … but the “E-Parasite Act” goes WAY too far in limiting
our freedoms.

This bill is like taking a missile to a knife fight –
it’s a reactionary, overreaching government initiative that has the potential
for great abuse of our freedoms. The bill represents a serious threat to online
innovation and to legitimate online communications tools.

Ron Wyden (D-OR) says, “This is a cluster bomb where you should be going in with
a laser, and the collateral damage to innovation and freedom is

Join Conservative Action Alerts in calling on Congress to
OPPOSE this legislation. Flood Congress with Faxes right now and tell them to
oppose this legislation! Tell Congress to STAND FOR FREE SPEECH IN AMERICA and
oppose Hollywood’s “E-Parasite Act!”

The Internet Commerce
Association warns the bill “could be a death knell for all domains that provide
a platform for user-generated

Last year, when the government shut down ONE child
pornography site, 70,000 other LEGITIMATE websites were closed for several days,
even though they had done nothing wrong!

Already, 130 individuals involved in technology start-ups
have warned Congress that this legislation will threaten the future of American

warned: “While the bill will create uncertainty for many legitimate
businesses and in turn undermine innovation and creativity on those services,
the dedicated pirates who use and operate ‘rogue’ sites will simply migrate to
platforms that conceal their activities.”

In other words, there is an easy way around this law for
those who wish to break it; but law-abiding, legitimate Internet business owners
will pay the price.

The E-Parasite Act:

  • Kills Innovation
  • Reduces Job Growth
  • Stifles Free Speech
  • Will Restrict Truth
  • Denies Justice
  • Gives the Obama administration more power

The House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on
the proposal on November 16th. We must ACT NOW to OPPOSE this legislation. The
future of our freedoms depends on it!

Do you want the federal government to have the ability to
restrict the websites you frequent, at any time, for any reason, without due
process? And, do you want them to have the ability to COME AFTER YOU and YOUR
WEBSITE based on an unsubstantiated allegation, without giving you your “day in

Little by little, this administration is taking our
freedoms away – and they are hoping you won’t notice! But Conservative Action
Alerts has noticed, and that is why concerned citizens like you are making a
difference in preserving our freedoms! We must keep up the fight for our
Constitutional rights!

Barack Obama has been served as President for almost two
years—and during that time we have seen unprecedented government expansion and
invasive regulation of nearly every aspect of our lives: guns, land, commerce,
healthcare, climate, banks, automobiles, energy and food.

is yet another in a long line of examples of the Obama administration
overstepping their authority and concentrating more power with the
government-and against the wishes of the American people.


  1. The internet is not “owned” by anyone or any country! It is the last bit of FREEDOM “we” have left! If the people of Earth allow anyone or anything to silence this FREEDOM, we deserve to die in slavery! FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM, BEFORE YOU ARE TRULY SLAVES TO THE EVIL NEW WORLD ORDER, WHERE “THEY” WILL SPREAD “YOUR” WEALTH AROUND TO “ALL” THE EARTH’S UNDERCLASS! Don’t think it can happen to you and “your” family? Well – when all 7 billion of them are “equal” to you, “you” will be poorer than you have ever been in your life! There is only one pie! Build a bigger pie or get a much smaller piece! Today the oven is broke! WE only deal with mush. Protect the piece you have today!

    • It is also the only source for real news, not the BS from the mainstream media. And that is what they are affraid of.

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