In a strong America Republic Socialists Need Not Apply


Someday when we the people look back into the chain of events that led to the Fundamental Transformation of America, the biggest question will surely be:“Why did no one in the 535 elected officials step forward to fight it?

In the zany world of politics, there’s a ‘committee’ for just about anything, including the hideous so-called “bi-partisan” Super Committee.

Yet no one has struck the committee called ‘How to Stop the Fundamental Transformation of America’.

Why is congress allowing Obama to proceed with a transformation of America that is forcing—against the will of its people—a noble, 235-year-old Republic into a Socialist State?

Why are none of the Republican contenders for president taking the proverbial bull by the horns?

Mere words will not curtail Marxism, only walls built against it will.

Decent, law-abiding people depend on decent, law-abiding courts whose commitment to  justice seems to be fading more every day.

Civil society no longer gets to play on an even playing field.  There are no checks and balances to deal with an Obama, who uses executive order to trump his enemies.  It was likely within days of an inauguration when he had to retake his Oath, that the president with no provable identity, at least figuratively speaking,  threw the Rule of Law out of a White House window.

Barack Obama has now had 1,000 days to work his Marxist agenda against America with no relief imminent.

These are the words patriots await:

“I come before the people today to state unequivocally that the Obama administration works night and day to destroy America.  We must find the way to stop it and stop it now.”

Every day patriots live in hope of hearing those words.

Surely Canada Free Press, American in heart but physically on Canadian soil cannot be the only one waiting for that statement.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is against every American value, every American dream;  against every intention espoused by its courageous founding fathers.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is coming at you breakneck speed from the provable failed principles of misery-spreading Marxism.

Obama’s intention to fundamentally transform America proves more than anything else about him, that Barry Barack Obama is a Marxist.

Blogs are abuzz with whether Perry kills teenage girls with inoculations, whether Karl Rove will get away with foisting Lib-Left, slick Mitt Romney on America; whether Herman Cain will ever get the GOP nod, and on and on.

The election is little more than one year away—if, that is, Obama doesn’t come up with the crisis he needs to suspend them.

The by-and-large ignored elephant in everybody’s front room has long since  turned purple putrid and is crushing the life out of everything that’s inherently good, anything  positive or hopeful;  everything God and freedom connected.

America is lying there bruised and bloodied.

Is there not one doctor in the House?


2 thoughts on “In a strong America Republic Socialists Need Not Apply

  1. That’s really deep.

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