Will Obama get to lope off into history shrouded in permanent secrecy?


In an age where “you can’t hide from the Internet”, will the convenience of anonymity follow Barack Hussein Obama the rest of his days?

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Airtight anonymity is how Rep. Edolphus Towns of New York’s 10th District wants to finish the Soetoro script. According to the mighty Judicial Watch, which brings to public light everybody and everything connected to corruption, Towns’ legislation allowing the 44th president to keep his personal and presidential documents secret is “an obvious effort to protect President Barack Obama”.

Galling to contemplate that ‘The Man from Nowhere’ could be catapulted to the Oval Office, smash America with the wrecker’s hammer, then move deftly off into the same obscurity under which he came into office.

What is it exactly that Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama must be protected from? Is it his own DNA?

Why is Rep. Edolphus Towns stepping forward 15 months before Election Day to insure that Barack Obama will be able to lope off into the sunset a secret identity?

Is slamming the door on John Q. Public being able to examine more of Obama’s records indicative that there is something about him worth finding?

Supporters like Towns are ostensibly sealing off all information channels in supposed preparation for the day when Obama will be an ‘ex-president’.  (A Happy Day whenever it arrives!)

There could be an interesting political ploy at play here.  Could the move to legislate Obama’s state secret ID  at the 11th hour be an Election Day tactic?  Do Dems want a last big bite out of the burgeoning passion of an electorate gung-ho to defeat Obama at the voting booth? If enough conservatives and independent voters believe that Obama’s defeat is already a fait accompli, they may not get out and vote on Nov. 6, 2012.

What possible reason could there be to keep Obama’s true identity under wraps after he’s no longer in office?

In the greatest identity hunt in modern times, all we have to go on in the ‘Who is Obama Game’  is the story he told himself in Dreams of My Father.   In the book, thought to be ghost written by Obama close friend, unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama waxes nostalgic about parents Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior.

In other words, we have only Obama’s version of who his parents were.

In pre-election spin, Dreams of My Father easily could have been a fabricated fairytale of Barack’s birth.

Now that he is universally known as “Obama the narcissist”, does it make sense that Obama, whose spin rests on so many legends, would dedicate his book to a father who could at best be described as an irresponsible deadbeat?

Did none of his loving Grannies keep family photo albums depicting young Barry with a high school sweetheart, or did he come from a culture where pictures aren’t the norm?

For all we know, Barry could be Nancy Pelosi’s favorite nephew, or a long lost Saudi prince.

Will all of Barry’s blood relatives take secret kinship to the grave?

When the Obama presidential library gets built will it be identified by a huge bronze question mark on its roof?

Rep. Eldophus Towns is making it possible for Obama’s missing identity to move on with him—even as ex-president.  For special Barry Soetoro it won’t just be a sealed off identity during his term in office,  but a missing identity for the proverbial forever and a day.

The secret of Obama’s true identity may be keeping attention on who he is rather than what he is.

Trying to legislate anonymity is akin to Obama trying to cling to the legend of being the only masked man to ever reach the most powerful office on Earth.   But masked men are only the stuff of comic books.

Meanwhile Eldophus Towns may go down in history as the man who sparked generations of a new breed of Obama hunters:  those who took to the hunt convinced others were looking for Obama in all the wrong places

2 thoughts on “Will Obama get to lope off into history shrouded in permanent secrecy?

  1. “Indiana Jones and the Quest To Reveal the Messiah” coming to a theater near you.

    What happened to the most transparent admin in history?

    It is very odd that no ex-girlfriends exist, no fellow college students, no co-workers from his days in Hawaii, and the list goes on.

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