Bringing the Communist revolution to our doorstep?

Renew America

By Wes

Cancel elections! “Take out” the “sons of bitches!” Send
capitalists to “re-education [read concentration] camps!” Chop their heads off!
Kill the bankers! Kill the rich! Kill your parents! Kill! Kill!

“Occupy Wall Street” rioting is not a self-starter with bored white
kids on a lark to rush the calendar for Spring Break (though some such “useful
idiots” are in the mix).

The whole operation — spreading from Wall Street to other cities —
is organized by the Working Family Party, a front for the SEIU/ACORN, allied
with Democratic Socialists of America. The attack on America has the backing of
groups bankrolled by left-wing moneybags George Soros. All of these “usual
suspects” are in-tight with the Obama Administration and the Democratic National
Committee. They have been organizing this from Day One. It is anything but
“spontaneous.” Don’t kid yourself.

Street brawlers imbued with class
hatred propaganda are egged on by a President of the United States whose parents
were followers of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.

The attack has been aimed
squarely at the heart of the United States for decades. The Communist conspiracy
— during and after the Soviet days — has never wavered from its goal of a
Soviet-style America under the domination of a worldwide order.

generations, avenues of public influence have nurtured a nest of potential
insurrection, fueled in large part by the writings of the likes of a Communist
liar named Howard Zinn (see this column Howard Zinn, Communist
,” 8/9/10
& Is it Safe to Send Your
Child to School?
,” 9/6/10).
He and others like him continue to poison
the minds of our young. Occupy Wall Street no doubt would bring an evil smile to
the late Zinn and his ilk.

Hate America manifesto

With the
Hate America Left infecting institutions to which kids are exposed as they grow
up, why should we be surprised that a Communist-brainwashed movement would
surface damning the “unfairness” of a society that (gasp!) does not hand them
their every need and wish?

Occupy Wall Street has forged what amounts to
a 21st century Communist Manifesto that includes the following as sacrosanct

  • Minimum wage $20; guaranteed wage income regardless of employment.
  • Universal health care with private insurers outlawed.
  • Free college education. (Given what passes for “education” these days, the
    price may be right for parents who send their kids to college as good citizens,
    only to see them return as hateful revolutionaries.)
  • End the fossil fuel economy. (Oh, goody! That will make everyone
    poor, but then that is basic to any such enforced egalitarianism, so why should
    this one be any different? So we’ll all be poor? Way to go! That’ll teach Jimmy
    Hoffa’s “sons of bitches!” — an epithet hurled at the Tea Party as Hoffa
    introduced Obama at a gathering.)
  • Ban other existing workable energy sources by decommissioning
    America’s nuclear power plants and by re-establishing “the natural flow of river
    systems” (hydro-electric).
  • Demand the right to freeze in the dark. (Not spelled out, I just threw that
    one in, reasoning it is a natural consequence of the above energy demands. The
    absence of a ban on coal mining in this 21st century Communist Manifesto was
    obviously pure oversight.)
  • Spend a trillion dollars on a freeze-in-the-dark energy policy. (Ah yes!
    Solyndra-like scandals; the more such criminality, the better to stoke the
    Communist line that “Duh! The system does not work.”)
  • One trillion dollars spent on infrastructure — roads, rail, bridges, sewer,
    water, electrical grid. (Those who think a case can be made for some federal
    support for infrastructure are disrespected by this clown price tag pulled out
    of thin air for the express purpose of bankrupting “the dirty
  • Racial and gender “equal rights” amendment. (Another fraudulent use of the
    term that has less to do with race or gender — except as convenient covers — and
    more to do with perpetrating the notion that Ben Franklin, James Madison, and
    Thomas Jefferson intended the Constitution to promote abortion and same-sex
  • Open borders migration, everyone can travel anywhere to work and live. (A
    Terrorists’ Rights Bill? Who will sponsor that one? Dick Durbin?)
  • Bring American elections up to international standards. (What is
    “international?” Iran? Cuba? Or perhaps the UN, which seats some of the world’s
    worst tyrants on its “Human Rights” Commission.)
  • Immediate across-the-board debt forgiveness. (What? Oh, I forgot! Communism
    supposedly means everything is “free,” right?)
  • Outlaw all credit reporting agencies. (Of course, the socialist paradise
    says if you want it, steal it.)
  • Allow “workers” to sign a ballot at any time whether to join a union —
    putting the SEIU and ACORN’s ballot-stuffing thugs in charge of seeing to it
    that such elections are “secure” and “fair.” (Be certain the term “worker” in
    this context excludes anyone who succeeds with a good salary or decent
    retirement. Actress Roseanne Barr would send bankers to “re-education” camps,
    and if they insist on keeping what she deems excessive amounts, she would then
    have them beheaded. Be certain that Hollywood mansions and limos would be

Obama: comfortable with Marxist buddies

course, Obama would support the uprising. It is guided by his own shock

The protesters, he intones, “are giving voice to a more broad
based frustration” (translation: keep it up). This Marxist-nurtured “dear
leader” talks about the day when his acolytes will “run Republicans out of town”
(for their refusal to pass his phony “jobs” bill, a retread of past

Off-the-charts street revolutionaries are echoing Mr. Obama’s
wailing at “millionaires and billionaires.” That’s what the self-righteous
Marxists (admitted or disguised in respectability) really mean when they lecture
the rest of us on “civility” (as practiced by his terrorist friends Bill Ayers
and Bernadine Dorn, whose sixties movement included such lovely “civil”
sloganeering as “Kill the rich! Kill your parents!).

The SEIU/ACORN thugs
and ballot-stuffers use their sharp elbows while agitating for “rights”
resembling the “demands” of every violent revolution in history that has led to
jackboot governance — including 20th century Nazis and Communists or, for that
matter, the Jacobins of the 18th century French Revolution.

On yet
another front

Van Jones, meanwhile, concurrent with the Occupy Wall
Street rampage this past week, conducted what he called a “Take Back the
American Dream” conference.

Under Jones’s interpretation, that very title
represents a prostitution of the English language. But for self-described
Communists such as Jones, Orwellian language is routine. Jones, recall, was
ousted from his “Green Jobs” czar position at the White House, after he had been
outed in 2009 by Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, and Glenn Beck. At that point,
Jones — also a 9/11 “truther” — had to leave — not because the administration
had any problems with his beliefs — but because he had become a PR

Jones’s latest venture is another ploy to distract you and me from
the Obama administration’s march toward the downfall of the United

“October is going to be the turning point when it comes to
progressives [read Communists] to fight back,” Jones crowed on left-wing TV. He
envisions “an American fall, an American autumn. Just like we saw an Arab
spring.” (Great! Every indication thus far points go the “Arab spring” as a
springboard for empowerment of the America-hating Islamist Muslim

What it’s all about

Class hatred is the toxic
thread that runs though Occupy Wall Street, the Obama administration’s obsession
with “the top one percent,” and the collaboration of the hard left and radical

Many of us have seen people rise up from the depths of poverty to
make a success of themselves and contribute to the betterment of

That experience leads to the conclusion that class hatred in our
body politic is just plain evil.

Some of those taken in by it may be
“naïve,” but that goes back to the Churchillian observation that a person at age
20 who is not a liberal may not “have a heart,” but that a person who is not a
conservative at age 40 surely does not have a brain.

The motive is very
secondary. Class hatred is pure evil. Occupy Wall Street, SEIU/ACORN, Van Jones
& “the American fall” — they want America gone as we know it. North
Carolina’s Democrat Governor Bev Purdue has proposed that we cancel
congressional elections. Ominous and chilling. This is a war on the real
American Dream. We are honor-bound to resist.


2 thoughts on “Bringing the Communist revolution to our doorstep?

  1. We should also remember that the U. N. Charter was carried from San Francisco to New York by another Marxist, Alger Hiss. When speaking about his conviction for spying, he insisted that that his superiors at the State Dept knew about and approved his activities. Being the the subversive, anti-American institution that the State Dept. is, I don’t doubt that they did know. I heard it with my own ears at SUNYA in 1973.

  2. The year sounds about right, Nixon was in a lot of trouble, the price of Crude Oil was going for $10.00 a barrel. Liberals were riding high.

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