Shocker: Obama Goes Negative for 2012 Campaign

Human Events

It must be very confusing times for Barack’s Obama’s media sycophants. For years now they’ve sold their hero as the man who could transcend politics with his vision of hope, change, unicorns and sugar plum fairies, but the reality tells a much different story. The man who was to change politics forever turns out to be nothing more than an angry demagogue seemingly bent of running a scorched-earth campaign in order to keep his job.

Business leaders and employers nationwide have recoiled in horror as he’s made them the enemy and Democrats are left scratching their pointy heads in wonderment why they’re not acquiescing to Obama’s demands and hiring people. Well, if we get stuck with four more years of this failed president starting in 2013, expect America’s employment picture to become an even more bleak wasteland than it is today.

Monday’s petulant Rose Garden speech where he repeated over and over the lame “fair share” mantra is merely a sign of how nasty Obama plans to become.

Forget the utterly predictable spin from the White House – Barack Obama is in serious peril of being a one-term President.

That’s why Democratic Party elders know he has to hit the road – the low road.

“No  hope, no change,” a prominent Democratic strategist with close ties to  the White House told the Daily News, referring to the uplifting message  that won the day in 2008.

“Time to make the other side the issue.”

If  the 2012 election is a referendum on Obama, which is usually the case  for incumbents running for reelection, he will almost certainly lose.

Imagine if we’re saddled with Obama from 2013 onward. In all likelihood he’ll be up against an even larger GOP House majority and what could well be a Senate with nearly 60 GOP seats.  He’ll be a weak, ineffectual lame duck, and judging by recent history, nastier than ever. That won’t do much to improve our economic picture of getting people back to work.

Of course Obama does have on thing on his side: A near monopoly on the media, and they’re the ones responsible for selling this fraudulent community organizer to America.

Much of the Obama coverage was orchestrated sycophancy. They glided  past his pretensions — when did a presidential candidate before “address  the world” from the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin? They ignored his  arrogance — “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” And they averted their  eyes from his every gaffe — such as the admission that he didn’t speak  “Austrian.”

The media walked right past the decades-long association of Obama  with the weird and racist pastor Jeremiah Wright. In the midst of the  brief stormlet over the issue, one CNN host — inexplicably — decided  that CNN was going to be a “Wright-free zone.” He could have hung out a  sign: “No bad news about Obama here.”

The media trashed Hillary. They burned Republicans. They ransacked  Sarah Palin​ and her family. But Obama, the cool, the detached, the  oracular Obama — he strolled to the presidency.

Fast forward to today and still much of the media is covering up for Obama, largely ignoring his gun-running scandals. There’s been a bit more attention paid to the burgeoning Solyndra scandal, but that’s mostly been driven by alternative online media. Major broadcast outlets either give Solyndra short shrift or ignore it altogether, figuring if they don’t mention it then it never happened. Yet they wonder why they’re considered propagandists and not journalists.

Meanwhile, there are some gullible media types who’ve come to realize they’ve been played for saps. Better late than never, we suppose, but let’s face it, their credibility is shot.

I’m a sap, a specific kind of sap. I’m an Obama Sap.

When the president said the unemployed couldn’t wait 14 more months for  help and we had to do something right away, I believed him. When  administration officials called around saying that the possibility of a  double-dip recession was horrifyingly real and that it would be  irresponsible not to come up with a package that could pass right away, I  believed them.

I liked Obama’s payroll tax cut ideas and urged Republicans to play  along. But of course I’m a sap. When the president unveiled the second  half of his stimulus it became clear that this package has nothing to do  with helping people right away or averting a double dip. This is a  campaign marker, not a jobs bill.

This alleged conservative intellectual was more enamored with Obama’s pants crease than with his mysterious past, dazzled by his “soaring oratory” instead of realizing the man can’t speak a coherent sentence without visual aid. He so wanted the hope, the change, the dawning of a new era where we all get along, sing kumbaya and hand over our wallets to the federal government.

Well, it hasn’t worked. Obama does not represent hope, change or the American way. He represents class warfare, ACORN, union thugs and tax-eaters. The productive are to be demonized, our business leaders cast as the enemy.

That’s your 2012 cmapign. It promises to get uglier by the day.


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