Obama’s ineligibility: Marco Rubio can’t be President or Vice President


The critical issue for the 2012 election is whether or not a government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall perish from the earth.

The US Government has been hijacked by a self-serving, permanent political class, which considers itself above the law and elections as bothersome formalities temporarily interrupting their plundering of the nation’s wealth.

Having become comfortable with ignoring the will of the people, American politicians have created a culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., while they steadily whittle away at the Constitution to remove any remaining obstacles in their pursuit of personal power and affluence.

The rule of law has deteriorated to such an extent that it is now possible for Barack Hussein Obama to present a forged Certificate of Live Birth on national television, to use a stolen Social Security Number and forge his Selective Service registration without a single member of Congress raising an objection.

In 2012, these same politicians will ask voters to ignore Obama’s crimes like they have and endorse their endemic corruption

Obama was never eligible to be President. The Republican Party did not object because, like the Democrats, they wanted to circumvent the Constitutional requirement that the President and Vice President be natural born citizens.

Having for years failed to amend the Constitution by legal means, the permanent political class grabbed the opportunity to amend it through a backroom political deal.

Having become complicit with the Democrats in violating the Constitution, the Republicans joined them in a deliberate campaign of disinformation and outright lies to cover-up their malfeasance.

Both parties believe that they have successfully amended the Constitution by fiat. If they are not challenged, expect far more of the same.

The United States is no longer governed by laws, but by power-hungry and greedy politicians.

The precedent of an illegal President having been established by the
inauguration of Obama, the Republicans now feel free to promote their own illegal candidates.

I believe Marco Rubio is a good man and a fine public servant. Unfortunately, like Obama, he is not eligible for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency because he is not a natural born citizen.

Both Democrats and Republicans have tried very hard to confuse the eligibility issue, mainly by focusing on what the Constitution and the Supreme Court holdings do not say, rather than what they clearly do say.

Being born in the U.S. makes one a U.S. citizen, but not necessarily a natural born citizen, which requires US citizen parents at the time of birth. The Founding Fathers specifically put that requirement in the Constitution to prevent someone having dual allegiance from becoming President.

Marco Rubio was born in the US, which makes him a US citizen. His parents were not US citizens at the time of his birth. Therefore, Marco Rubio is not a natural born citizen and not eligible for the office of President or Vice President.

Although not defined in the Constitution, Article II, Section I, Clause 5 specifically requires, not just citizenship, but natural born citizenship.

The Supreme Court binding precedent in Minor vs. Happersett (1874) provides the Constitutional definition of natural born citizenship.

The Court in Minor did make a direct holding that Mrs. Minor was, in fact, a US citizen. The Court established her citizenship by defining the “class” of “natural-born citizens” as those born in the US to parents who were citizens. The Court included Virginia Minor in that class, thereby deeming her to be a US citizen. They did this by specifically avoiding the 14th Amendment and by specifically construing Article II Section I, Clause 5.

When the Court held that Minor was a citizen under Article II Section I because she was born in the US of citizen parents, that definition became national law. Therefore, Minor supersedes all other sources on this point. It is a direct Constitutional interpretation and definition.

That holding still stands. Minor vs. Happersett has never been superseded. Never.

There is no ambiguity.

The United States is now poised before a crossroads in history.

The Republican Party has a choice, to embrace again a government of the people, by the people and for the people or choose the path of political expediency and maintain the corrupt status quo.

If they choose the former, the American people will overwhelmingly fall in behind them to a Republican victory in 2012.

If the Republican Party chooses the latter, we will stand our ground and fight to take back our government.


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