The Obama Jobs Plan: 10 Reasons Why It Is A Bad Joke

Economic Collapse

So that was what we have been waiting for?  That was
what all the hype was about?  With a little over a year until the next election,
that was the “best shot” that Obama has for fixing the unemployment crisis in
this country?  The Obama Jobs Plan (also now known as “the American Jobs Act”)
is going to cost $447 billion and it is going to do next to nothing to create
more jobs.  Many Americans were hoping for something bold and new from Obama,
but instead what they got was a bad joke.  When Obama stated that there is
“nothing radical in this bill”, he was not kidding.  Instead of addressing the
fundamental issues that are causing job loss, Obama wants us to spend half a
trillion dollars on measures that will only create a very small number of jobs.
Sadly, much of what Obama is proposing actually consists of huge bribes to
middle class voters.  Obama is trying to keep his own job, and he appears
willing to pile up even more debt in order to make that happen.

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Eric Holder, Another Day Another Denial

American Thinker

Two days ago Attorney General Eric Holder publicly stated he knew nothing about the deadly Fast and Furious operation run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Unfortunately for Holder, a day after his pronouncement, officials confirmed that an AK-47 and a Beretta pistol linked to the ATF gun walking program were used in a Maricopa, Arizona crime scene back in 2010.

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Op-Ed: ‘President Obama Is Politically Insane’

Fox Nation

President Obama is politically insane. This is the real meaning of his speech  Thursday night in front of a joint session of Congress. Albert Einstein defined  insanity as doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. By  that definition, Mr. Obama is a lunatic leftist.

Much of his speech  called for more of the same – government activism; massive spending on  infrastructure, bridges and roads; extending the payroll tax cut; and more  public aid to states and municipalities. In short, he seeks to perpetuate the  dismal policies of Obamanomics. He is a reckless ideologue masquerading as a  pragmatist.

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