Next time you are at a Traffic Light…….

 I come across a driver with an Obama
sticker, I try to get next to them at a light and get their attention.
Then I
roll down my window and said “Hey! I thought
you might like to know, that some prankster has slapped
an Obama
sticker on your car!” Then I smile and roll up my window.

Makes my
day every time!  I hope it does yours as well.

6 thoughts on “Next time you are at a Traffic Light…….

  1. Terry, that happened to me the other evening at the Market. I was talking to a guy that had a Woody like mine, saw his Obama 2012 on his bumper so I said you are kidding right? Hell no I’m not kidding, What has Obama done right? Everything…Name one thing….he couldn’t we damn near got into a fight in the parking lot. LOL J.C.

  2. Ha! Love it! lol Thats the scary thing, though … many people will still vote for him, just because … whether it’s a race thing, or a party thing, or any of a hundred other asinine “things,” it doesn’t’ really matter! It’s just the way it is until people get their heads out of the butts and start paying attention!

  3. I now live in a Democratic county that went for obama. I haven’t seen an obama sticker for over a month and they have been disappearing, less every month for about a year. Obama probably couldn’t carry this solid Demo county if he runs in 2012.

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