Chuck Norris: Obama’s Stealth Gun Control

By Chuck Norris

Not long ago, the gun control advocates Jim and Sarah Brady visited the White  House. President Barack Obama reportedly told them that he was working on new  gun control schemes “under the radar.”

It’s been said that guns have two  enemies — rust and politicians. Rust never sleeps, and neither do those who  would seek to restrict our constitutional rights. So let me tell you about a  meeting you weren’t invited to, where those people were planning an attack on  our rights that’s very much “under the radar.”

It happened in July at the  United Nations headquarters in New York, at a meeting to draft of what they call  the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

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6 thoughts on “Chuck Norris: Obama’s Stealth Gun Control

  1. Gijjary already signed that treaty sometime last week.

  2. that should read Hillary, sorry!

  3. While it is highly illegal to enforce a UN sanction over the rights given by the constitution (it has been tried many times before, and I think Bush told them to stick it the last time they tried) I’m sure it won’t bother Obumma. Like I’ve been saying- we need to get all we can while we can. The Patriotic War of the USA is coming. It will arrive very soon.

  4. Thank You Chuck Norris!

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