Obama marks Ramadan with Iftar dinner

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I understand that this dinner has been a tradition since Bill Clinton. However, why is that Obama never misses this event and during Christmas he is always off to Hawaii for vacation? He can’t seem to call it Easter or he will leave out words like Creator. Why? Will his tounge catch on fire or will his eyes start to bleed? And isn’t it strange that Michelle is off on a Secret Vacation at the time of this dinner?



President Barack Obama is hosting an Iftar dinner Wednesday evening to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The Iftar is the dinner that breaks the holiday’s daily fast. The dinner became an annual White House tradition under President Bill Clinton and was continued by President George W. Bush. The White House says invited guests include religious and grass-roots leaders in the Muslim-American community as well as leaders of other faiths and elected officials.


5 thoughts on “Obama marks Ramadan with Iftar dinner

  1. Look how well these attempts to appease the Muslim community are working.

  2. Actually I think it is working out very well. With the Muslim Brotherhood soon to be in complete control of Egypt and Libya, they will have a safe haven for terrorist, oil to trade and control of the Suez Canel.

  3. I have watched this video before and just watched it again. Have you noticed that when Obama talks about the Koran, he calls it the Holy Koran?

  4. Yes, and if you have watched him he has mentioned the Bible rarely and with none of the conviction he does with the koran and most of the times he did he was criticizing Christianity. He also gives credit for discoveries to muslims erroneously (muslim education). One of the biggest losses to knowledge was the muslim destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

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