Georgia’s ‘Pitchfork Rally’ – Kick-off Event to Pass the “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act”


by Helen Tansey

Fourteen states, with Republican’s leading the charge, introduced legislation between 2010 and 2011 that went to the heart of  voters growing realization that an ineligible candidate and his Party apparatus hoodwinked Secretary’s of State Board of Elections by placing said ineligible candidate on their state ballots who the majority of voters then elected to the most powerful position in the world, the United States Presidency.  These 14 states include: Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (Sept 2011), Tennessee and Texas.

Obviously, as demonstrated by the actions of these Republican state legislators and one Democratic Governor, they share in the over 50 + 1 of voters growing concerns about their state’s utter lack of control over who gains access to their respective state ballots, and by extension their voters and electoral college members, concerning the Presidential/Vice Presidential elections.

Up until the 2008 general election, the “vetting” process – a process that should be rigorous and thorough designed to insure that national Party nominee’s for President/Vice President meet the three very simple qualifications detailed in Article II of the US Constitution, age, residency and natural born citizenship – had traditionally been left to the respective national Party’s.

However, following nearly four years of purposeful and deliberate obfuscation by Barack Hussein Obama, II, and et al., to simply confirm, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he indeed meets one of only three of these basic requirements, Natural Born Citizenship, to  which the United States Supreme Court gave definition to in 1875 in the precedent setting Minor v Happersett ruling, AND which Mr. Obama himself told everyone through his own 2008 campaign website Fight the Smears, which remains “live” to this day, that he “was born in the state of Hawaii in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America“.  No where in Article II does it state “native born”. But these political charlatans believed themselves to be smarter than we the people and thought we were apparently to stupid to know the difference between a “native born” and “natural born” citizen. Well, the joke is on them. We do know and obviously state representatives know too. And no moronic form letter from congressional peeps stating otherwise is going to change the facts as the people know them.

Therefore, to halt further erosion of the United States Constitution by the very people we the people elect to uphold it and who swear an oath to do so must now intervene at the state level to pass a “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” thereby empowering the Secretary’s of State Boards of Elections to do the rigorous and thorough “vetting” of Presidential/Vice Presidential Party nominee’s in order to gain access to state voters and electoral college members.

Yes, this is an uphill climb. Of the 14 states that introduced “Presidential Eligibility” legislation, only two made it out of the chambers and onto the Governor’s desk for signature – Arizona’s HB2544 and New Hampshire HB1245.

Arizona’s Governor vetoed the bill when it reached her desk. Although the Governor went on the record to explain her decision to veto the bill, many speculate that the real reason she axed it was because she was one of the hoodwinked Secretary’s in 2008 who was solely responsible for accepting the Democratic Certification of Nomination, which lacked any and all language testifying to the Democratic candidates, Obama and Biden, meeting constitutional qualifications.

(Note: Up to the 2008 election both major Party’s – Republican and Democrat – inserted Article II language on their respective Certification of Nomination forms following conventions. In 2008 the Republican Party did in fact insert said Article II language onto their 2008 Certification of Nomination of John McCain, but the Democratic Party did not with one exception, the state of Hawaii, whose code states the Party must Certify Article II eligibility, which is in and of itself a long story. To better understand this peculiarity go to and/or and search for “Hawaii Certification of Nomination”.)

In 2010 New Hampshire’s Governor John Lynch did sign into law HB1245 “AN ACT relative to declarations of candidacy and intent by presidential candidates” which modified the state’s “declaration of candidacy and the declaration of intent” filed by all Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates and inserting Article II language qualifications. In order to gain access to New Hampshire’s electorate, all said candidates must now sign a declaration under penalty of law that they meet Article II qualifications. However, no where in the new language inserted into code does it empower the New Hampshire Secretary of State Board of Elections to “vet” the nominee’s to assure the voters these candidates are constitutionally qualified.

Georgia “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” and Kickoff Pitchfork Rally –

While keeping an eye on what other state’s were doing regarding such bills, Carl Swensson, Rise Up for America and Chairman of the Clayton County Republican Party, along with other fellow conservatives watched their own Republican legislator’s introduce a bill titled the “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” also known as HB401. With over 90 patrons signing onto the original bill, one would think it would have at a minimum reached the floor of the House for a First Reading. It did not. It got killed in committee just like the other 12 state bills, minus Arizona and New Hampshire.

Being a responsible citizen and knowing the Republican Party is itself now promoting two rising stars for future leadership, Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, neither of which meet the natural born citizen definition, Swensson has decided to build and lead a grassroots effort to pass HB401 immediately so as to take effect by July 2012.

When learning about Swensson’s effort, the T-Room reached out and interviewed him to learn more about this Pitchfork Rally and his intent. Realizing he has an uphill climb, Swensson is undaunted and determined to get the “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” passed so as to assure all presidential/vice presidential candidates who appear on Georgia’s 2012 election ballot, and beyond, meet the three very simple constitutional requirements laid out in Article II –

In an effort to help Swensson spread the word about this kickoff event, the T-Room invites you to copy the flyer’s below and send them to all you know. Also, feel free to post them at your blogsites and help Swensson spread the word. Yes, the window of time is short, but together, we can help Swensson get the word out fast. The Pitchfork Rally is the kick-off to building a citizen’s effort to pass Georgia’s “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” in 2011 through Special Session or early 2012 through General Session, but in time for the 2012 general elections.


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