Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Time to take over the government


There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the United States or the Constitution. We have no problem that cannot be solved. We just have terrible leaders.

The worst characteristic in any leader is hubris, which is best described as a combination of arrogance and stupidity. Sadly, our current leaders in Washington, D.C. have an abundance of it.

That hubris has led to the nation’s most corrupt administration and a Congress filled with elitist politicians, who compromise the Constitution, flout the rule of law and bankrupt our country.

They consider themselves political royalty, whose words and actions may never be questioned and favor the suppression of free speech.

Such is their disdain for the citizenry that, not only do they ignore our petitions; they now refer to ordinary Americans exercising their Constitutional rights as “terrorists.”

It is not the Tea Party who are terrorists, but the arrogant political establishment, who have set the United States on a course for economic collapse within ten years.

For example, by 2020 just the interest payments on the debt will be larger than the U.S. military budget.

America will be rendered defenseless.

The situation is far worse than anyone could have imagined.

The politicians and government officials in Washington, D.C. have perpetrated and covered-up the greatest fraud in the history of the United States.

They contemptuously believe that they can deflect the issue with an organized campaign of disinformation and by blocking any legal avenues citizens wish to pursue to preserve the rule of law.

Barack Hussein Obama is, according to the Constitution and the binding precedent of Minor and Happersett, an illegal President

Barack Hussein Obama is, according to the Constitution and the binding precedent of Minor and Happersett, an illegal President.

He committed a felony by presenting a forged Certificate of Live Birth  as proof of his birth place.

He committed identity theft by using a Social Security Number, which was not issued to him as now verified by the Social Security Administration.

He committed a felony by forging a Selective Service registration.

Most damaging of all, Obama is clearly not serving the interests of the United States. He is dismantling our Constitution, eradicating our liberties and promoting policies for national suicide.

We cannot wait any longer or we will lose our country.

The American people are demanding to know why our elected representatives and government officials continue to permit such flagrant violations of the Constitution and federal law.

They resist and ignore us because they are co-conspirators. When the truth is revealed, their careers will be over. It is that simple.

The Republican and Democratic Parties and their cheerleaders in the mainstream media are desperately trying to maintain their grip on the levers of political and financial power.

They will do and say anything to prevent the American people from regaining control of their government.

They have made themselves tyrants and declared war on us.

Obama’s political career will shortly be over. It will also spell the end of the Democratic Party as we know it.

After the Democrats self-destruct, the Republican Party will have the only remaining political infrastructure, which can be used to bring the country back on the correct course.

Unfortunately, the Republican elite have acted no better than facilitators of the Obama agenda.

The coming situation will, however, provide an historic opportunity to bring down the political establishment and restore representative government, uphold the Constitution and reinstate the rule of law.

All American patriots must now join with members of the Tea Party to begin a bottom-up revolution by taking over the Republican Party at the precinct level.

The Precinct Project has been launched in an effort to help educate and motivate conservatives across the country to become more involved in the political process. Toward that end, they are working to gather an ever-growing amount of information about how to become a Precinct Chairman or Committeeman, how to be effective in that role and maximize your impact within the party system.

The fight to defend America is no longer abroad. It is at home.

Rogue politicians have begun this war, but We the People will finish it.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Time to take over the government

  1. I’m up for it. Anyone else out there ready to fight for your country?

  2. You know me, I’ll do what I can. I do have a few more years on you though.

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