Carney: “The White House Doesn’t Create Jobs”…

Weasel Zippers

Note to the GOP, this is your money shot ad in 2012.

(Business Insider) — As President Barack Obama once again pivots to focus on economic growth, Press Secretary Jay Carney declared Thursday that “the White House doesn’t create jobs.”

While undoubtedly true, it was certainly not a sentiment Obama wants to project as Republicans ratchet up criticism of his leadership on economic issues, and his presidential campaign kicks into high gear.

After a month devoted to raising the debt limit, on Tuesday Obama announced a new focus on boosting employment — at least his seventh such announcement in his presidency.

Facing tough questions from reporters on what Obama is doing to create jobs today, Carney responded that Obama was meeting with senior advisors to plot a way forward on the issue.


4 thoughts on “Carney: “The White House Doesn’t Create Jobs”…

  1. “H” NO!, but it sure can destroy many million’s of jobs! AND HAS!

    • Destroy jobs, the economy, the Stock Market, the housing market, I could go on but you know the drill. The man is a joke and not a funny one.

  2. That is the first bit of truth he has ever uttered. The timing is rather funny though, having spent trillions of our tax dollars to “create shovel-ready jobs.” The government doesn’t create jobs nor should they. They can only create an environment conducive to job creation by the private sector.

  3. So basically they lied again and stole trillions of dollars.
    Sounds like another item to add to the list of crimes.

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