Political Correctness Must Die — or America Will

by Susan Stamper Brown


“Peace  begins with courageous leaders who are willing to identify and define  our enemy, and their objectives, because political correctness has no  place in our national security strategy.”Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.),  R-FL, at CPAC 2011.

The great escape artist, Harry Houdini,  was once invited to the British Isles to see if a newly built prison was  escape-proof.  Once inside his cell, Houdini carefully listened to the  metal-to-metal clanking sounds of a prison guard inserting and then  withdrawing a key from his cell’s lock. After the jailer left, Houdini  pulled out his tools and confidently began working the lock; attempting  to defeat it. As time passed, Houdini’s confidence waned to the point  that the once unflappable escape artist eventually acknowledged defeat.   Exhausted, Houdini leaned against the door which gave way under his  weight to discover the only place the cell door was locked was within  his own mind.

And so it is with those Democrats who have  attempted to shackle Americans in the prison cell of political  correctness, somehow believing that this imprisonment will keep us safer  and change the minds of those who seek to destroy us, the unbelieving  infidels.  If you would just believe the gospel according to Barry, and  stay within the invisible walls the Democrats have worked so hard to  erect, our enemies will somehow hold peace rallies all across the  greater Muslim world in support of the chosen one. In reality, they have  locked us all inside the impenetrable cell of their own imaginations.

Consider  the early days of the Obama administration, when political correctness  seemed to rear its ugly head around every corner. Homeland Security  Secretary Janet Napolitano launched an FBI watch list citing military  veterans and anti-immigration and pro-life Americans as “rightwing  extremists” and potential national security threats.  This was about the  same time when the word “terrorism” was replaced by “man-caused  disasters” in the name of political correctness.

Shortly  thereafter, an active duty army officer, Major Nidal Hasan, committed a  despicable massacre at Fort Hood – shouting “Allahu Akbar” before he  opened fire on military and civilian personnel. The Obama administration  was quick to condemn the use of the words “Islamic extremism,” but slow  to respond to the obvious: What to do about 13 dead and 29 wounded at  the hands of an Islamic extremist.

Finally someone dared to say  what we were all thinking.  Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs  Senate Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman recently held a press conference  stating the massacre “could have and should have been prevented”  because the Department of Defense “had compelling evidence of [Hasan’s]  growing embrace of violent Islamic extremism before the attack.”   Apparently political correctness is so sacrosanct that short of walking  around Fort Hood wearing a visible suicide vest, he should have been  allowed to say anything simply because he was a Muslim.  And for those  who will undoubtedly cry McCarthyism, it is not. It’s realism.

The  administration’s handling of the Fort Hood massacre makes it tough to  believe they have a moral rudder, or the intestinal fortitude to do the  right thing by the majority of Americans who want simply want justice  for all Americans, no matter their religious leanings. Obama’s personal  invitation to invite the Muslim Brotherhood to his Cairo speech appeared  benign until recent statements – or misstatements – were issued  suggesting the Brotherhood could play a positive leadership role in a  new Egypt and National Intelligence Director James Clapper’s description  of the group as “mostly secular.” Incidentally, he’s the same Clapper  who was caught off guard and cast a blank stare during an interview when  asked if he was aware of the December 2010 arrest of 12 British  terrorists. Napolitano, the administration official who told us “the  system worked” after the 2009 BVD Bomber attack – vouched for Clapper  and chalked his lack of intelligence to a public relations gaffe.

Lt.  Col. West, like former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, will face  an uphill battle in Congress as Democrats will pull out their worn  playbook for Conservative African-Americans to marginalize them as an  unqualified anomaly.  But to be sure, West is a rising star because he  dares to speak the truth that America must break free from the political  correctness that threatens to enslave and imprison us all.


4 thoughts on “Political Correctness Must Die — or America Will

  1. Political correctness has become a powerful tool of manipulation for the liberals. It may in fact have been a driving force behind Obama’s Presidential election win. But it cannot veil the atrocities perpetrated by Muslim terrorists. Although Islam has spread under the pretense of being a religion for more than a thousand years, it has never attempted to transcend cultural barriers or differences by espousing brotherly love and acceptance of said differences in order to win over new converts as legitimate religions do. Instead, Islam chooses to punish ideological differences, operating as a totalitarian system of bigotry, violence, and murder—even condoning such within its own ranks in the name of “honor.” Terrorism should never be interpreted as a valid religion or political system. Americans now understand the evil that Islam represents and no measure of political correctness will ever reverse that.

  2. Only some Americans belive this. There are others, mainly Liberals that believe all religions are the same.

  3. I do not regard liberals as Americans. Therefore my statement remains that Americans now understand the evil that Islam represents.

  4. I said they were others, not Americans. There are Americans who haven’t quite fully understood just how dangerous Islam is but they are coming around.

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