genius Obama can’t veto balanced budget amendment

Flopping Aces

Earlier today Obama threatened he would veto the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill if it reaches his desk. Levin says the only problem with this is that, while he can veto the Cut and Cap part, if the Balanced Budget Amendment passes both the House and the Senate it goes to the states, not Obama. He’s got nothing to do with it.

One would expect a brilliant, ivy league Constitutional Law Professor to know these things:


5 thoughts on “genius Obama can’t veto balanced budget amendment

  1. This president is a “real Brilliant Constitutional Lawyer”, Hah
    This so called President has not a clue to the Constitution
    of the United States of America.. Not one….

  2. hahaha Oh brother! Didn’t he confess to being an “average” student? Of course, that makes one wonder how he got into the ivy league schools in the first place … just sayin! OY! When will it stop???

  3. Not surprising from a man that cannot even remember his own age.

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