Obumble And The Press: Clueless Together


As tortuous as it is to listen to Obama speak, force yourself to watch this video of his latest press conference:

When the White House press corp lap dogs were finally allowed to ask questions, he went from being a well rehearsed, well prepared speaker to what can only be described as a man with a severe speech impediment.  His answers were incoherent at times, his tone monotonous, delivered in a slow, broken, constipated cadence.  Without his teleprompters, his ability to speak fluidly is lost.

Here’s a small portion from his answer to the last question posed to him:

Now, we took very aggressive steps when I first came into office to yank the economy out of a potential Great Depression and stabilize it. And we were largely successful in stabilizing it. But we stabilized it at a level where unemployment is still too high and the economy is not growing fast enough to make up for all the jobs that were lost before I took office and the few months after I took office.  (In other words, it failed.  And ya gotta keep that “Blame Bush” angle fresh!)

So this unemployment rate has been really stubborn. There are a couple of ways that we can solve that. Number one is to make sure that the overall economy is growing. And so we have continued to take a series of steps to make sure that there’s money in people’s pockets that they can go out there and spend. That’s what these payroll tax cuts were about.

We’ve taken a number of steps to make sure that businesses are willing to invest, and that’s what the small business tax cuts and some of the tax breaks for companies that are willing to invest in plants and equipment — and zero capital gains for small businesses — that’s what that was all about, was giving businesses more incentive to invest.

We have worked to make sure that the training programs that are out there for folks who are having to shift from jobs that may not exist anymore so that they can get the training they need for the jobs that do exist, that those are improved and sharpened.

We have put forward a series of proposals to make sure that regulations that may be unnecessary and are hampering some businesses from investing, that we are examining all of those for their cost and their benefits. And if they are not providing the kind of benefits in terms of the public health, and clean air and clean water, and worker safety that have been promised, then we should get rid of some of those regulations.

So we’ve been looking at the whole menu of steps that can be taken. We are now in a situation where because the economy has moved slower than we wanted, because of the deficits and debt that result from the recession and the crisis, that taking a approach that costs trillions of dollars is not an option. We don’t have that kind of money right now.

What we can do is to solve this underlying debt and deficit problem for a long period of time so that then we can get back to having a conversation about, all right, since we now have solved this problem, that’s not — no longer what’s hampering economic growth, that’s not feeding business and uncertainty, everybody feels that the ground is stable under our feet, are there some strategies that we could pursue that would really focus on some targeted job growth — infrastructure being a primary example.

He touts the payroll tax-cut as his first example of what he’s done to “make sure there’s money in people’s pockets that they can go out there and spend.”

Yup.  It has undeniably swollen the wallets of the average American middle-class worker.

Here’s an example of the financial windfall we lucky bastards receive, figured by using Kiplinger’s Payroll Tax Cut calculator:

-If you make $40,000 a year, your weekly paycheck has increased by, hold onto your pants:  $15.  Whew.  Happy days are here again!  With a few crumbs in our hands from the man with the bread, we’re living on easy street.  Don’t get me wrong, any of my money that does not go to the government is welcome, but, let’s be realistic.  That whopping gift, which is our money anyway, at best may pay for one tank of gas.


The key quote in his verbal abortion is:

“So this unemployment rate has been really stubborn. There are a couple of ways that we can solve that.”

“Can solve that..”  That is an unquestionably confident statement.  Accordingly, these tactics should therefore be undeniably effective.

Mr. President, you have made it a point of fact that all of these policy examples which you’ve implemented to strengthen the economy and lower unemployment, which, by your own admission, “can solve” our economic problems, have been enacted and in place.  You obviously believed and still believe they are sound, concrete, effective actions, and are working as you expected.

Don’t you find it odd then that, even though your policies, which you told us would “solve” the unemployment quagmire, have been implemented, the economy and unemployment are, in fact, worse after they went into effect?  (Nevermind his failed $819 billion “Stimulus Package.”)

It’s quite clear:  Your policies have simply failed.  Worse yet, they were impotent from the start.

It is time for Americans to face the possibility that Barack Obama does not know what he is doing.  He is unqualified for the position.  He has not the intelligence, the experience, or the fertile imagination to successfully perform the demands required to be the President.

He is in way over his head.  And the country is suffering due to his inadequacies.

We can not allow this to continue.


8 thoughts on “Obumble And The Press: Clueless Together

  1. I couldn’t force myself to even listen to it. I would have puked. But it sounds like a good thing if his wheels are falling off.

    • The video is up again and has been re-posted. If you care to watch it just keep a barf bag close by.

  2. I am glad you transcribed some of it for me. Even though I know it’s not constructive, I like the anger in your tone. Wishing you would reference some of your sources better, doesn’t seem like problem this minute.

    We the People have got to find a way to become an insurmountable force, even though there are so many personal feelings, likes and dislikes, faith issues, violence issues, filthy language issues, favorite presidential candidates (even if we don’t still have a Nation as we know it could be by the 2012 Election). I have joined a small group to figure out how we can all agree enough for at least a couple of days so we can have the usurper and the complicit members of congress be forced to resign.. The Supreme Court won’t be difficult to chase down if they are in long black robes. We the People have had it.

    We have the most important thing on earth right now…we are the newest Americans and everyone of us wants the freedom that our former countrymen built here on this continent. We can demand no less.

    • I post stories and even write some that I think are important and informative, especially the ones the mainstream media won’t report. If you put 100 people in a room together, not all of them will get along but if you put 100 Patriots together, they will come together to defend their country and defend each other. Freedom isn’t free, there is a price, you can ask anyone who has served in the military that one.
      Don’t know about the Supreme Court, I think they are on the take, just like so many others in the government. The election will be the most important election of my time, for if Obama gets elected again, it will be the end of America as we know it.

  3. Obama’s failure as President stems not only from his un-American agenda, but from the fact that he is nothing but a well-groomed product of affirmative action. He has never actually accomplished or achieved anything legitimately like the rest of us—by hard work and determination. His destiny was crafted by others and handed to him. This fact explains his sealed records of “accomplishment” and utter lack of any real skills. Americans proudly display their college diplomas and law degrees after working so tirelessly and sacrificing so much in order to accomplish such. Obama’s accomplishments are as fraudulent as his birth records and therefore remain “sealed.”

    • I never really looked at it that way before but you are right. His time at Harvard was bought and paid for by the Saudies, even if he never earn the degree, it was paid for and he got it. He doesn’t show it because it’s just paper, like the degrees you use to be able to buy from North Central Pacific University for a $100, the school didn’t exist but no one ever checked. Obama’s school exist but his degree doesn’t.

  4. Obama may in fact be an alumnus of North Central Pacific University.

  5. Where ever the hell that is.

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