U.S Ignores Hillary Clinton’s Powerful Aide Huma Abedin at Its Own Risk

Human Events

A  CIA/FBI agent was responsible for creating the first al-Qaeda training  manual from classified military sources.  Ali Mohamed covertly moved up  through the ranks undetected until the Egyptian-born al-Qaeda spy was  finally discovered.  Though arrested in 1998, Mohamed’s whereabouts and  legal status remain unknown.  Fort  Hood jihadist Nidal Malik Hasan  benefited from the same faulty screening.

Jordanian-born “reformed” jihadist Humam al-Balawi deceived some anxious CIA agents, promising to deliver al-Qaeda leader Ayman  Al-Zawahiri to them.  Instead, as he passed their guard, he detonated a  suicide belt, killing the agents.  We were the first to translate the  sinister plan of this Taliban spy, which was missed by the CIA but was  advertised on his Arabic website for the whole Arabic world to read:

When I drive my car at a traffic police station  … my surroundings change by a push of a flash button.  I will find  myself martyred as I drive a booby-trapped truck with a bomb  heading towards the pagan guards …”

Why isn’t the CIA monitoring the Arabic words and connections of these people?

Whether it’s the CIA or the military, sophisticated  surveillance is proving inadequate, and proper background checks of  Middle Easterners aren’t being done.  Each example serves as another  case in point.  What makes us think that the State Department would  update its virus protection program?  Even more disconcerting  than Mohamed and Balawi is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aide and  Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin, who has been with Clinton since 1996.  She was never properly screened, this will be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

To be concerned about Abedin’s access to sensitive  information is an issue that will most likely garner unsolicited curses  from “sensitive” Americans who are enamored with her.  These same people  ignore this diva’s familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Lt. Col. Robert Anderson’s detailed reports aimed at getting Army intelligence to investigate Ali Mohamed—and have him court-martialed—were also ignored.

Abedin is even more potentially dangerous:  She can  leak state secrets.  She is closely associated with her Muslim  Brotherhood family and even joined Clinton at an event with her mother, Saleha Abedin, at Dar El-Hekma College in  Saudi Arabia.  Also present was a close associate of Saleha  Abedin—Suheir Qureshi.  Qureshi’s name later appeared in several  prominent Arab newspapers when it was revealed that she belonged to a  list of 63 members of the secret arm of the Muslim Brotherhood  called The Sisterhood.  The full list was later revealed—Huma Abedin’s  mother is on it.  Huma’s brother—Hassan Abedin—also collaborates with Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, two of the most influential terror supporters in the world.

Yet, as detractors argue “guilt by association,” they unwittingly strengthen our case, because this is what the FBI uses when investigating federal employees:  “Character.  Associates.   Reputation.  And Loyalty to the United States.  (CARL).”  This checklist  was never applied to Huma Abedin, who still associates with her  family.  Dismissing all this as “guilt by association” ignores a tough  question:

Other than Huma Abedin, has there ever been a  case in which a family member who either belonged to the Muslim  Brotherhood or was a prominent Islamist did not denounce a Muslim female  relative who married a non-Muslim male?

It’s a question with only one answer:  Her family made an exception for her because Huma has a higher calling.

Westerners erroneously compare the “Middle East”  mindset with that of the “Midwest,” and fail to shift gears to  understand the Muslim worldview.  They do not comprehend the seriousness  of a Muslim “daughter” or “sister” marrying a Jewish  male, particularly because the Islamic Shariah Faculty in Kuwait has  deemed Huma Abedin’s marriage to a male Jew null and void.

While Westerners portray The Sisterhood as a simple  “mule service,” our own detailed research—which will be released  shortly—reveals male supervisors as official members along with their  wives and/or daughters.  The list includes spies who have proudly  disclosed their heroic acts during Israel’s wars with Egypt.  Others are  Nazi-style propagandists, Nazi affiliates from the time of the  Brotherhood’s inception, hijab (Muslim head covering and modest styles  of dress) advocates in Europe, prominent doctors, popular conspiracy  theorists and media icons that closely emulate the Goebbels propaganda  machine of Nazi Germany.

The group’s influence spans several international  organizations from the United Nations to the United States to women’s  advocacy groups worldwide.  Its influence is immense.  Overlooking this  group—and by extension, Huma Abedin—is not dissimilar to ignoring the Able Danger intelligence operation’s revelations about Mohamed Atta prior to 9/11.

Any doubting Thomas must acknowledge the validity  of The Sisterhood list because it follows the same agenda and direction  shown on the Muslim Brotherhood’s official website, and it has been confirmed by Egyptian security services and top  experts, including the Arab  Center for Research and Studies, headed by  researcher Abdul Rahim Ali.

To give you a taste of this bitter herb, we will  examine a single name before we publish all 63.  Take Najla Ali Mahmoud,  who is supervised by her husband, Mohammed Aidalmrsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and the current leader of the Justice and Freedom Party (the Brotherhood’s new propaganda name).  He recently appeared on  national television and explained why “Egypt needs to ban Western dress”  and how “no one with a full mental faculty can believe in the  Trinity.”  He even condemned Egyptian monuments as “idols.”  This  group differs from the Taliban only in that it has a Western propaganda  machine.

Will Egypt do to the Sphinx what the Taliban did to the Buddhist statues in Bamiyan,  Afghanistan?  Will Egypt perpetrate a holocaust on Coptic  Christians who are already portrayed as having a mental deficiency for  believing in the Trinity?

And while this “Goebbels” runs his propaganda  machine, the naysayers demand evidence of Huma Abedin’s membership in  this notorious group.  Would someone have appointed the daughter of Magda and Joseph Goebbels as the deputy chief of staff for Cordell Hull—the U.S. secretary of state during World War II—arguing that she was not a member of the Nazi party?

It is not “racist” to compare the Muslim Brotherhood with the Nazis.  Hassan Al-Banna, the grandfather of Tariq Ramadan (Ramadan’s ban from the U.S. was lifted by CLinton), collaborated with Hitler henchman Haj Amin al-Husseini, who became the Muslim Brotherhood leader after the war.  Neither has the Brotherhood repented.  They still take pride in their collaboration with the Nazis.

And while the U.S. House of Representatives debated whether to cut off funds for Obama’s military campaign in Libya , which aids the Brotherhood-backed rebels, Clinton challenged Congress over its position, asking, “Whose side are you on?”

This is a question the secretary of state should ask herself.

Even the team that was set up because of the State Department’s policy designed to “engage the moderate Muslim world” was infiltrated without even screening its contributor, the Muslim  Brotherhood sympathizer and—Egyptian by heritage—Ground Zero Mosque  imam, Sheikh Feisal Abdul Rauf, who only moderates his tone in English.

Promoting a moderate Muslim Brotherhood is  like promoting “capitalistic communism” to defeat Russia during the Cold  War, or even a “pro-Jew Nazism” during World War II.  A more current  and real-life example is “Chrislam.”

Clinton’s “inclusion policy” has brought in spies, and this is how she plans to soften the Muslim Brotherhood?  Clinton’s use of  oxymoronic formulas to combat terrorism is worse than the moronic path  taken by the likes of Jordanian doctor and double agent Humam  al-Balawi—he killed his enemies, seven CIA agents, while we bolster the  confidence of ours.

Huma Abedin was never properly screened, and unless  this darling of Hillary Clinton answers some tough questions, the  issues we set forth regarding the failure to screen her makes for an  ironclad case.


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